Mars and Rahu are in a 6/8 relationship with Rahu in Gemini and Mars and Scorpio. In Vedic astrology, Mars will throw a sneaky 8th house aspect to planets 210 degrees from it with full force. Rahu is the the planet of desire and ambition will be aspected by  Mars the planet of action exactly on Jan. 14th   in the mean node system but will have a 3 degree orb  Jan. 9-18th.    Gemini, the sign of the media and communication and owned by Mercury is the despositor of Rahu and it is moving toward affliction by Saturn for continued miscommunciation and misdirection about politics.  Scorpio, a sign of mysticism and occult knowledge is actually creating a spiritual influence on  Rahu with its strong energy and helpful Jupiter across the way is the only planet that can really tame Rahu’s energies.

The transit creates great energy to want to act but there is also a  Saturn aspect to Rahu which is in Sagittarius still until Jan. 24th  and it  blocks it across the way creating frustration.  It can easily lead to  to losing one’s temper easily. The key with this transit is take the energy for creative purposes and channel it to create great inventions or technological advancements but avoid being hasty or over-enthusiastic or accidents and overworking could stress the adrenals.  Health-wise, blood pressure can be increased if you do not slow down and Saturn moving toward the Sun also makes this messy  with this energy so be cautious and avoid being reckless or driving like a maniac.  I am seeing this on road now with people passing 3 cars at one time and just making it into the their own lane.   Calm Mars and pita with less spicy food, more coconut water and milk and more meditation. The Warrior Pose will balance Mars and allow it to stay more focused.   Prayers to Hanuman or listening to Hanuman Chalisa are helpful.  (

Saturn’s aspect to Rahu  will promote outward courage but the vata/air element of Rahu may promote inner fear.  The tendency may be to lash out recklessly so be cautious.  If you have Saturn/Rahu energy aspects  in your natal chart, it may promote good achievement with career, athleticism and adventure but avoid recklessness and watch rash tempers that might lead to violence. This energy will be felt strongly on Tuesdays and to a lesser degree on Wednesdays and Saturday (connected to Rahu) and whenever the moon is connected to the two planets.

On a mundane level, this aspect may lead to more political craziness than usual as Mars is about leadership and power and Rahu may drive politicians out of control to make rash decisions.  Mars in Scorpio has dignity but also great strength to exercise military might and prowess  can promote aggression and war and when it becomes afflicted by Rahu.  Political leaders may be drawn to pull the trigger and start a conflict as we have seen with missiles being fired in Iraq.   The energy should escalate into Jan. 14-15th.    Jupiter the despositor is aspecting Rahu tightly and is always the force that calms Rahu down the most so impulsive and thoughtless action will find some wisdom after Jan. 17th when Jupiter is far enough away from direct affliction from Ketu.   Luckily the balance of power with Russia and China and alliances will prevent something major but there will stupid exercises of will and power and agresssion.

On a spiritual level, Rahu/Mars with the Scorpio influence can foster the courage to move through difficult spiritual challenges as is clear in the chart of Mahatma Gandhi, a great freedom fighter. We have to think that the protesters of France and the rest of the world are going to get stirred up by this aspect and get a bit wilder and tensions in Hong Kong and South America will get stirred.  On a mundane level we will always have to worry about  how much turmoil and protest gets stirred up in the world and lets hope that radical  protesting goes peaceful.  This aspect also suggests we have to pray and meditate for the world as terrorist energies will get stirred up a bit.

On a personal level, slow down, rest more.  The adrenals will be firing and if you run around too much you will feel exhausted. Still the energy will be there to accomplish a lot and move through huge boulders and projects so it will at least get you unstuck. Saturn across the way will slow things down and create frustration so watch for huge troughs and valleys on your person energy chart over the next month and be sure to balance your energy.

Special thanks to Komilla Sutton and Prash Trivedi for their insights on the nodes.


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