Sun in Pisces March 14-April 13th 2021;

Venus in Pisces: March 16-April 9th 2021

Mercury in Pisces March 31, 2021-April 16, 2021.

Pisces is the favorite zodiacal sign of the spiritual community. It is ruled by the expansive Jupiter and in Western astrology connected to Neptune and even has a co-ownership with the mystical Ketu. Pisces embodies the deepest qualities of the 12th house and the quest for enlightenment and getting off the wheel of karma. It is a place of old souls and where karma is being completed. Pisces’ shadow wants to escape the world, having difficulty with being practical/grounded and having difficulty with discrimination and judgment. Still, most of the time, Pisces people are great to be around as they are always filled with a deep love of joyful emotion, intuitive insights, and longing for completion. The key to this sign is service and service is also the key to the 12th house. If our hands are busy, our heart is full and we are able to get out of our heads, then there is a chance for release.

The shadow side for Pisces is also a tendency to procrastinate, to be unclear in thinking, to lack confidence, and to have trouble managing money and planning. An emphasis on Pisces can make people too sensitive to their environment and hesitant in pursuing love.

Planets placed in Pisces, particularly the Sun, Moon, or Ascendant, will have the blessings of Saraswati and be blessed with the love of knowledge and wisdom. Saturn, in particular, is not happy here since Pisces wants to remain in a dreamy world. The Sun is an Achilles heel for Pisces and they tend to have difficulty with their fathers, bosses, and authority figures.

The Pisces soul is mystical, intuitive, and inspiring. Pisces people make great counselors and coaches as they are sympathetic and good at calming people down. Their unbounded generosity, excellent social skills, politeness, and charismatic nature make them beloved by many.

The Sanskrit name for Pisces is Meena and means fish. Pisces is connected to fountains and sacred rivers/oceans and it represents a place of flow where the individual soul flows back into the Divine Ocean to unite. We can hearken back to Jesus and the famous creation of fish to feed his followers. This made him a fish-god. His goal was to guide people out of the world of materialism into a more peaceful place. Even Vishnu was thought to have incarnated as a fish in order to restore the Vedas after a deluge. Symbolically, the fish then becomes a deeper symbol of mystical wisdom to guide one beyond the material veil and allow one to merge with the Divine Ocean.

In the Kala Purusha, Pisces represents the feet and that is why bowing down to or touching the master’s feet sacred as it represents the blending of the mortal into the mystical ocean of Divine unity. This act is associated with a deep desire to create peace and harmony. Pisces are born to serve and benefit humanity and are ambitious in their quest for moksha.



The Sun moves into Pisces on March 14th and it is afflicted at first because of a 60-degree aspect from Saturn that hits March 31st  exactly. When the Sun is afflicted in Pisces it is submissive, out of focus, unreliable, lacks confidence and volunteers too much and becomes a victim, and suffers from poor financial management. With the Sun into Uttarabhadrapada (Pisces 3.20-16.40) March 18- March 31st, the Saturn/Sun association will continue creating adversity to change, lack of people skills, intensity at work, and resistance to authority and bosses.  So the darker side of the Pisces and the Sun in Pisces will come out through the end of the month but optimism will pick up April 1-13 when the Sun is in Revati Nakshatra (Pisces 16.40-29.59)

Venus moves into her sign of exaltation on March 16th until April 9th. In Pisces, Venus, the ruler of women and relationships, brings out the higher aspects of love, harmony, creativity, beauty, and artistry. The transit is afflicted due to the sextile aspect from a good friend, Saturn, March 30th, which can dampen the party and the strong combustion from the Sun which continues even into May but is very intense in late March. Luckily the Cazimi period when Venus is in the heart of the Sun will come to the rescue March 22-29th.

Venus is a Guru planet in its own right and has an important role in materializing the spiritual essence of the human being and brings spirituality into the material world and in esoteric astrology it allows men to aspire after spiritual immortality and learn graceful manners, calmness, endurance, sociability, and love of the arts. It is connected to wealth and Lakshmi, poetry, beautiful clothes, fine arts, and music.

Venus is the teacher of the demons and in modern a term, that means those stuck in material existence who enjoy manifesting the finer things of life. Still, Venus is the best of the benefics and seeks to bring spirituality to us after creating material abundance. While often connected to beauty and the senses, it is also a great teacher and like Jupiter has its own depth of wisdom. Venus is capable s to soothe troubled souls and can cool seething anger and maybe Venus will bring more peace to the planet in a few months.

If you are Taurus rising, this is a really great time for you with an 11th house transit of your ascendant lord as it brings great new friends, the fulfillment of desires, and strong income. Still have to watch overindulgence in sweets and fattening foods to avoid getting sick.

If you are Libra rising, you will feel good but must watch challenges from co-workers and with health issues. Dual signs, Pisces, Gemini, Virgo, and Sagittarius benefit from a Malava Yoga in transit with Venus exalted in an angular house supporting home, happiness, career.

Aries rising will have to watch overspending and expenditures and Scorpios may have challenges with children and investments. Results for other rising signs are not as spectacular.

As always, every chart is so unique and if you are running a Venus period or sub-period or have Venus in Pisces already, the energies will be more activated. Transits are always secondary to what dasha you are running, how strong your ascendant and moon are to enjoy the influences, and how many Ashtakavarga points you have for Venus in your natal chart in Pisces. Still, it’s usually good to have a happy Venus for relationships and particularly for artistic development.

Mercury in Pisces:

Mercury moves into Pisces on March 31st in the afternoon and stays there until April 16th. Mercury’s debilitation will be canceled by Venus in Pisces until April 9th so the worst part of the debilitation is probably April 9-16th when Venus is not there. James Braha is fond of saying that cancellation of debilitation is like losing a limb and getting a prosthetic. It helps but it is not like it is normal. Some people will ask me if Mercury is retrograde as Mercury in Pisces does increase communication problems but this year does not look as bad because Venus is there with Mercury.

When Mercury is debilitated in Pisces, it can bring out nervousness, being spacey, some depression, too many thoughts, and being too talkative. When with Venus in Pisces March 30-April 9th, Mercury will bring out a more fun-loving disposition where Mercury will enjoy a more creative and imaginative side of business or trade with fresh and original ideas. This is a good time for writers and musicians that may have seen the fruits of their efforts produce a fine harvest later.

Still, the word debilitated gets misunderstood. For Geminis and Virgos, it may mean lower energy and a need to get more rest and it may create increased mental activity and a restless mind. Since Pisces is a very spiritual sign, so Mercury’s logical and practical, and rational energy can get lost here in pursuing too many philosophical or spiritual pursuits, can be prone to depression, or be subject to false Gurus or advisors. Geminis may need to have to work harder to focus at work and be productive and not get caught up in wanting to play.

During the Venus conjunction March 30-April 9th, Mercury’s brighter side will come out it and it can become more imaginative, involved in humanitarian services, sensitive, intuitive, artistic, and deeply mentally probing. Mercury is debilitated in Pisces because he can get lost in spiritual dreaminess and not pay attention to the logic that runs him. Make sure that your pipe dreams are run through the filter of logic and practicality and stay down to earth with your business decision.

Virgo rising will experience a 7th house transit making relationships difficult particularly if you are known to have communications issues anyway. Venus transiting the 7th from Virgo is not helping much like planets in the 7th act like they are combust and have weak energy. Fuzzy minds are not able to communicate with partners well or learn routines or habits. Virgos often attract spiritual partners and the conflict between their practical nature and their partner’s emotional nature can be frustrating.


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Special thanks to Sam Geppi, Bepin Behari and Bill Levacy for their insights on this sign.


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