It’s mid-summer and we wrote about Saturn retrograde months ago and also the Rahu trine to Saturn which has been very slow-moving because they are both retrograde.  If you have been feeling more stressed all summer, more anxious, more challenged with health stuff,  it’s good to remember what is going on.

Rahu has been casting a 9th house, 120 degree aspect from  Taurus to Capricorn which stays within 3 degrees until late September.    Both planets are very strong with Taurus exalted and Saturn in its own sign and when malefics are strong, they can cause more harm.  Jupiter moving into Capricorn on Sept. 14th for two months will finally have a softening  impact on Saturn but will lose its powerful judicial  and ethical and moral  qualities for a few month.  Given the state of the world with the US in a Rahu period, this will be troubling.

It is thought that Rahu  trinal aspects can create wrong desires or wanting to express wrong secrets in our heart and can express past wrongs that we have done in the past. It can lead to scheming and cheating and manipulation. Watch out for ponzi schemes that promise you the rainbow and they often seem to come from people in Nigeria on Facebook.  .  On the positive side it can create intense creativity and innovation.

Saturn and Rahu are both in the Moon’s  constellations of Shravana (Capricorn 10-23.20) and Rohini (Taurus 10-23.20) respectively and channeling its energy and Moon which gives all of it an intense subconscious anxiety that just does not quite go away.  With the moon changing signs every 2.5 days, the anxiety fluctuates daily.

On the positive side there is an  overall good energy to do great things and too over-work as Saturn/Rahu has that workaholic quality but the cost of that is to wear us down if we get too reckless and this may seem extreme with Saturn in Capricorn, the sign of work.

So what do we need to do?  As Simon and Garfunkel remind us, “Slow down, you are moving, too fast. You have to make the morning last.”   There is positive energy to plow through difficult tasks but not without a huge toll on the physiology.  For people ruled by Taurus or Capricorn  or running a  Saturn or Rahu or Ketu period,  this aspect  may create a great deal of intensity now caring for the sick, weak, negative people or people that are in morning and it may bring up deep and anguished feelings and anger and frustration that spews forth.  People in Rahu/Saturn or Saturn/ Rahu periods may feel the impact most.

If you have Saturn in Capricorn between 12-16  in your natal chart or other sensitive planets there like the Moon or Venus, you may feel the impact most.   This transit is particularly fraught with more anxiety.  Rahu aspecting Saturn creates a unappreciated good efforts, so praise yourself as others may not take the time to do so.

Rahu/Saturn stirs up anxiety and unconscious fear and the  world seems to be changing too quickly and what was secure yesterday is not true today.  The key will adapting  to all the change and trusting that the Divine has a bigger plan for you.  Rahu/Saturn aspects are very intense and fraught with fear and if you run around like a rabbit, your balance and stability turns into a jumble. This influence of Rahu aspecting Saturn  will continue much of the year with a break in degrees finally separating enough after late September. .  Daily meditation and yoga will calm it down and soothing herbal teas and less running around like a rabbit is essential.

So slow down.  Make sure you stay balanced to avoid getting sick from running around and trying to do too much. Be more patient with setbacks and flaws so that it does not explode on a loved one.

Saturn/Rahu associations create restlessness. The desire will be to change.  But remember, wherever you go, there you are.   .  Which means that you think you will be happier if you move, change relationships or change jobs but if you do not conquer the inner restlessness, you will never be happy. I

And of course, Saturn in Capricorn has brought out its darkest energies as the grim reaper.   All of us have been forced to reflect on death, and the death of those around us and of the impermanence of the world.  One of my favorite writers, the Dog Poet from Visible Oragami summarized our concerns for the world and death  reminded us that God is in charge and we have to remember that life is eternal:

You are on your way out of here. This is an absolute that needs to be pondered and explored PRIOR TO departure. It would seem that this is one of the most critical issues anyone could confront, but they don’t want to. It shakes up all their values and perceptions in a scary fashion. What do you hold on to when you have seen the absolute impermanence of things? You hold on to what is holding on to you and you discover what that is when you let go of everything else. This is a pain prison for those who have willingly made themselves inmates. – Visible Orgami


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