Focus on Pisces

Sun in Pisces March 14-April 13th

Mercury in Pisces: March 16-March 31st

Jupiter in Pisces til  April 21, 2023

Venus in Pisces  until March 11th

New Moon in Pisces–Vedic New Year, March 21st.

Spiritual Completion or Spiritual Bypass

Pisces is the favorite zodiacal sign of the spiritual community. Ruled by the expansive Jupiter and in Western astrology also connected to Neptune, Pisces embodies the deepest qualities of the 12th house and the quest for enlightenment and getting off the wheel of karma. It is a place of old souls and where karma is being completed. Pisces’ shadow wants to escape the world, having difficulty with being practical/grounded, and having difficulty with discrimination and judgment. Still, most of the time, Pisces people are great to be around as they are always filled with a deep love of joyful emotion, intuitive insights, and longing for completion. The key to this sign is service and service is also the key to the 12th house. If our hands are busy, our heart is full and we can get out of our heads, then there is a chance for release.

The shadow side for Pisces is also a tendency to procrastinate, to be unclear in thinking, to lack confidence, and have trouble managing money and planning. An emphasis on Pisces can make people too sensitive to their environment and hesitant in pursuing love.

Planets placed in Pisces, particularly the Sun, Moon, or Ascendant, will have the blessings of Saraswati and be blessed with the love of knowledge and wisdom. Saturn, in particular, is not happy here since Pisces wants to remain in a dreamy world. The Sun is an Achilles heel for Pisces and they tend to have difficulty with their fathers, bosses, and authority figures. It is in a 6/8 relationship with it’s home sign of Leo.

The Pisces soul is mystical, intuitive, and inspiring. Pisces people make great counselors and coaches as they are sympathetic and good at calming people down. Their unbounded generosity, excellent social skills, politeness, and charismatic nature makes them beloved by many.

The Sanskrit name for Pisces is Meena and means fish. Pisces is connected to fountains and sacred rivers/oceans and it represents a place of flow where the individual soul flows back into the Divine Ocean to unite. We can hearken back to Jesus and the famous creation of fish to feed his followers. This made him a fish-god. His goal was to guide people out of the world of materialism into a more peaceful place. Even Vishnu was thought to have incarnated as a fish to restore the Vedas after a deluge. Symbolically, the fish then becomes a deeper symbol of mystical wisdom to guide one beyond the material veil and allow one to merge with the Divine Ocean.

In the Kala Purusha, Pisces represents the feet and that is why bowing down to or touching the master’s feet is sacred as it represents the blending of the mortal into the mystical ocean of Divine unity. This act is associated with a deep desire to create peace and harmony. Pisces are born to serve and benefit humanity and are ambitious in their quest for moksha.

The essence of Pisces’ desire nature is embodied in the 7th house of Virgo and is a desire to be of service, to be philanthropic, and to sacrifice pleasures and comforts to transcend ego and merge into Divine union.

Pisces has trouble with the material world because Saturn owns the 11th and 12th houses. Thus, spirituality brings frustration, seems difficult, and creates sorrow. This spurs the Piscean individual to move from the suffering of the material world in quest of the Divine. Pisces can get very frustrated by not making enough income.

Because Jupiter owns the 1st and 10th house for Pisces rising charts, they are very attached to work, getting promotions, and are drawn to helping humanity, promoting justice, or being involved with religious organizations.

Mercury is a difficult planet for Pisces because Mercury owns the 4th and 7th houses and this connects a maraka house to the house of relationships. This can mean that relationships can be very difficult. They tend to attract practical and material partners who are at odds with their spiritual longings and this can create conflicts. Pisces can also suffer from being too idealistic about their relationships and this eventually leads to disappointment Mercury in Pisces is particularly difficult for excessive thinking and being prone to mystical fantasy.

Venus is also a difficult planet for Pisces since it owns the 3rd and 8th houses. Sexual pleasure and attachment to carnal desires can lead to difficult karmic outcomes. They need to focus on wisdom and not get caught up in that realm.

The Sun is the natural 6th house lord and it teaches lessons about staying humble. Since Pisces/Jupiter so often gets involved in teaching and counseling, their challenge is to do this with humility. This is particularly a problem if a person has the Sun in the 1st house of Pisces. There is an innate problem with their father as Leo owns the 6th house and hence father is an enemy. This association can transfer into problems with bosses and supervisors and hence Pisces will do better working for themselves.

The Moon, lord of the 5th house, is the best planet for Pisces, but if afflicted they have to be careful to stay away from getting into mental fantasies. Debilitated Moon in Scorpio may tend to move toward spiritual by-pass and running away from difficult emotions by escaping to religion or spiritual groups.

Mars is considered the best planet for Pisces as it owns the 2nd and 9th houses. Scorpio, owning the 9th house, draws them into deep mystical and occult activity. Family and religious life get connected since Mars owns both the 2nd and 9th houses. They like to speak quickly and bluntly.

Pisces is the final rung on the ladder to heaven. The nature of the razor’s edge and the blocks to attaining liberation are embodied in this sign. There can often be a night of the soul experience and deep spiritual transformation needs to happen to complete Divine union. Too often the shadow side of this sign comes to play with naïve and idealistic spiritual fantasies and tending to bypass the practical real world. Still, I rarely meet a Piscean person that I do not love as their outward joy and inspiration are fun to be around as well as their deep wisdom. At the same time, when you probe deeply, there is deep suffering. Ultimately the two fish in the Piscean circle have to unite and bring the material and spiritual worlds into one world. This is more often a dream rather than a reality.

Special thanks to Sam Geppi, Bepin Behari and Bill Levacy for their insights on this sign.

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