If you watch small kids in a playground, they get angry, fully express it, and then go back to being normal in five minutes.  Anger is a natural emotion that is often an expression of an unfulfilled desire.   Kids are great about it but we tend to repress our anger until it explodes and that is dangerous and can lead to violence accidents fires and burns when it is not expressed.

With Mars/Ketu aspects,  we are going to have to master the slow burn or get burned.    On the highest level, Mars/Ketu can create frustration and tension around legal, political, or religious activity   As we have said before, use the anger to do charity work and channel the energy into positive social service rather than raging at things that you cannot control.

This conjunction challenges us to be happy with our power and leadership and this may be the case, particularly among women so express it now if it comes up. This conjunction supports mathematics and engineering so time to go deep into invention mode.  For Scorpio and Aries rising, it will foster spiritual experience and intuition as Ketu is the most spiritual planet. Time for a meditation retreat or extra spiritual practice.  Other activities may be frustrating.

When political anger comes up write leaders, do posts on Facebook, or call your Congressperson. In the extreme, this aspect can lead to accidents, fires, burns, and explosions if the energy is not released. Be careful around your home and while driving. Even if you are alert, others may not be.

The bright side of the aspect of Mars is that is forcing us to face our unconscious fears and repressed anger and look at them and transform them.

Usually yoga and exercise are good to get things moving but be gentle on yourself as too much will increase the air element or vata and create more anxiety. Also just use the Nike slogan, “Just do it,” to get moving as Mars/Ketu can create sluggish energy and it’s hard to get started.

Anyway, as Forrest Gump reminds us, life is a box of chocolates: there are some with sweet cream fillings and some with hard nuts that you have to chew carefully.  Healthily express your emotions and do not let the Ketu steal your fall joy. Help others and donate to your favorite charities. So many in need.

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