In the true node system, Mars is conjunct Ketu on Oct 4th and a day later in the mean node system. It is within 3 degrees by Sept. 30th and is not 3 degrees past until Oct 8th.  Irritating the situation is that Mars is changing signs and going into Libra on Oct. 4th hence it is sandhi or weak and Ketu is also sandhi in the early degrees of Libra.  What does it all mean?  

  This is one of the more intense events of the year particularly because Mars and Ketu aspects can trigger terrorism, violence rioting, and war.  The Mars/Ketu conjunction in Sagittarius in 2001 was when the World Trade Towers went down. Luckily Jupiter is shining its grace on the complex from Aries.   We still wonder if we will not get some false flag event to divert our attention from impeachment inquiries and the failure of the government to pass a budget and protect its citizens.

On a personal level, the connection between Mars and Ketu means that you cannot let anger be repressed or it will explode in a verbal or physical attack. Exercise is a good way to work off this energy but also just let it out by screaming in your empty house. Continue to be 100% focused when doing physical activity and driving as unexpressed anger can rear its ugly head. We always worry about accidents and injuries with this conjunction.

 Stay alert, let the energy out, and use it to help others in need.  You need to focus on one thing at a time so if you driving or working with power tools or even walking up and down stairs be 100% present and focused in everything you do over the next two weeks.   The warrior poses in yoga is a good balance pose for activating the third eye nakshatra and alertness in activity.  Mars/Ketu conjunction will impact you most if you have that signature in your natal chart, or if you have key planets at 28 Virgo to 3 and if you are Scorpio or Aries rising or Libra rising, and if you are in  Mars/Ketu or Ketu /Mars period in your dashas.

.    Remember you usually need a natal signature in your chart, a difficult dasha combination, and a key transit to key planets in your chart to trigger something major so do not worry about stuff if you have those combinations, See a professional astrologer to prescribe mantras and yagyas but just being on top of your meditation and yoga and chanting is often good enough. With Mars/Ketu combinations there can be dangers from fire and electricity or surgery if you are running a Mars/Ketu or Ketu/Mars cycle and your ascendant is early Libra rising or late Virgo rising.  Still, the transit will foster courage and boldness in politics.   More truth will come out

On the positive side, for Aries rising and Scorpio rising, you will be most affected by this transit and it can increase intuition and for Aries rising, it can increase spirituality and a desire to go inward and withdraw from the world. If you do not have the luxury of long meditation courses or being a recluse, then you will have to get your active button in gear.


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