Astro-Yoga Reading


In ancient times Vedic astrology and Hatha yoga were very connected and more integrated as part of one system. It is fairly well accepted that certain postures support the health and vitality of specific organs and these are also connected to our emotions and mental well-being. The focus will be on postures that will strengthen benefic planets that are weak in the chart as well as postures that will calm down or balance malefic planets that are affecting your well-being.

For those familiar with yoga, a light 30-minute reading can suffice whereas those wanting a personal demonstration of postures will require a longer session with a staff member or Barry if he has time.

A specific set of positions will be prescribed. Major transits and periods may also warrant specific postures for different times of year and these can change over time.

Of course, astrology is not a substitute for legal, medical, or psychological advice, so please consult with a licensed professional in these matters.


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