Financial Astrology Home Study Course Module 1 & 2: Applying Planetary Behavior to Trading Markets



Module 1 & 2

By Barry Rosen

4th Edition Revised

New and expanded; now contains 13 videos

We are pleased to announce the creation of the 4th edition of our home study course taking the best of our first course and adding 13 new videotapes, which explain the original audio edition in more detail and then go deeper in applying the material with very specific and practical examples of how to trade grains, the stock indices, metals and more.

The purpose of the course is to teach fundamental and intermediate elements of Vedic financial astrology in order to foster self-sufficiency in promoting your own personal research endeavors. The course teaches the knowledge of planetary behavior and its application to trading using models suggested from the work of W.D. Gann and from the chief researcher for Fortucast Market Timing. Learning these major principles and combining them with solid trading techniques will foster an ability to continue your own research and apply your findings to each new unique market situation.

Because markets are dynamic entities and the laws of planetary analysis and cycles never repeat exactly, it is important to develop your ability to adapt the cyclic patterns to your unique and changing patterns.

COURSE OVERVIEW: The first new videos 3 sessions will review the home study material.

The emphasis will be creating real profits and optimizing trading using the insights from financial astrology. While students may gravitate toward wanting to master the more complex financial markets immediately, we will start with the easier markets like grains and metals.

Video 1: Review of Vedic Financial Astrology Basics, part 1

Video 2: Review of Vedic Financial Astrology Basics, part 2

Video 3: Calendars and Interpretation, part 1

Video 4: Calendars and Interpretation, part 2

Video 5: Know your Chart; Trading Tips; Calendar Interpretation, part 3

Video 6: Panchanga; Advanced Calendar Interpretation

Video 7: Secrets of Market Grain Trading, part 1

Video 8: Secrets of Market Grain Trading, part 2; Secrets of Metals Trading, part 1

Video 9: Secrets of Metals Trading, part

Video 10: Secrets of Stock Index Trading, part 1

Video 11: Secrets of Stock Index Trading: Intraday and Short-term

Video 12: Secrets of Crude oil Trading

Video 13: Secrets of Research: Course Synthesis


Planetary Influences, Vedic Astrology & Market Forecasting Home Study Course

3rd Edition — Revised and Expanded

Learn how to pick precise short-term entries & exits and do longer-term forecasting using Vedic (ancient Indian) Astrology

It is a little-known fact that W.D. Gann went to India and studied Indian Sidereal Astrology. In his notebooks, we find sketches of astrological symbols on his charts and in his memoirs he discusses his journey to India.

In fact, the famous Gann wheel was first used by tea merchants in seventeenth-century India. This seminar focuses on teaching the fundamentals of Indian astrology and applying them to short-term trading.


  • 6 CD’s 12 hours total.
  • 150-page detailed syllabus
  • Butaney’s rate Indian book, Forecasting Prices
  • Special Bonus! Excerpts from Gann’s notebooks on forecasting prices using astrology

Includes hard-to-find-starting dates for over 30 commodities.


Barry Rosen is the publisher of Fortucast Commodity Market Timing, the only commodity timing service that combines Indian Astrology with Gann and Elliott Wave. Barry holds two masters degrees and has published articles on Indian Financial Astrology in Gann and Elliott Wave, Trader’s World, and the NCGR Journal. He is available for consulting.

Approaches to financial astrology: Vedic cycles, natal charts, and transits.

  • Planetary signifiers, commodities, political and economic indicators.
  • Judging price weaknesses and strengths based on daily transits and relationships.
  • Planetary aspects and practical trading rules.
  • Practical rules and insights into trading.
  • Vedic Dasha analysis and the stock market.
  • Approaches to natal chart astrology.
  • Putting it all together: Cookbook rules for trading over 20 commodities.
  • Introduction to mundane astrology and the astrology of countries and weather.


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