The 27 constellations of the zodiac impact our mental nature and psychology and provide more information than the 12 signs of the zodiac.  Many of you are familiar with some of their English names like Orion (Mrigashira), Betelgeuse (Ardra), and Arcturus (Swati).  Their mythological stories connected to the Puranas also provide deep insights into the lessons we learn particularly when our moon, rising constellation, or Atmakaraka are involved.  For example, Jyeshta is ruled by Indra, King of the gods and the authoritative leadership of Indra brings people with this constellation that power, as well as some the sexual flaws as suggested in the mythology.  There, are also equivalent Greek gods for these constellations and their stories that will be brought in as well as a rich tapestry of personality qualities for a relationship, health, business and strength and flaws for each constellation.

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