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Thank you for your interest in a reading from Barry Rosen.  Below is an interview form to fill out.

Please complete this online form prior to your reading. This will help Barry fine-tune your reading.

NOTE: If you have trouble with the form link on your web platform, you can download a PDF copy Applied Vedic Astro JotForm Questionnaire 2018 to complete and return to

Barry has about 8-10 spaces a month so readings will be done on a first come basis.

If you are not clear what reading to sign up, and you have not had a reading with Barry, then sign up for the Natal Chart Reading for $225.00 and indicate the focus of the reading i.e., Career, Relationship, Moving, Children etc.
Barry can cover all your basic questions around this in a reading and not cover old territory around your natal chart.

If you need a whole 1 hour or more devoted to career or relationship, then specifically sign up for those readings.

Please note: Preference for scheduling is given to those with processed payment and that have returned their forms. 

The longer form frees Barry up to get to more readings quickly.

If you are swamped and cannot do the long form, then fill out the Mini Version under the request tab on the website.

The various readings are listed under the Services tab at

If you do not use PayPal and would like to pay by credit card by phone or have questions please contact Fortucast via email at or call us at 928-284-5740, ext. 5983 or 5000.
Thank you! We look forward to helping you with your needs.

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