Applied Vedic Astrological Consultations by Fortucast

Applied Vedic Astrological Consultations by Fortucast seeks to support the personal development and well-being of its clients by providing very specific readings in the realm of finance, compatibility, planetary yoga, life-purpose and career development as doing traditional reading to unlock your future and understand your destiny. Our mission is to be practical in giving realistic and applied suggestions to making a difference in your life.holdingthesun2

Consultation Philosophy

Barry Rosen has been practicing Vedic astrology and consulting since 1987 and has specialized in practical applied techniques to isolate and address issues regarding karmic patterns. His focus in these consultations is helping the client understand how much of our karma grips us through emotional and mental patterns that tend to form self-defeating beliefs. He then provides practical prescriptions to help individuals transcend these obstacles and move through their karma.

Over 26 years of research and testing has led to some original insights into how people’s natal charts change through their lifetime influenced by their spiritual practices and the different locations in which they live. This has helped adjust house systems and interpretations more accurately.  People’s charts are more multi-level and multi-dimensional wave functions than concrete lines set in stone at birth, and they shift over time. Like many Vedic astrologers it is important to do readings that rotate the chart around the dasha or major period ruler as they tend to be more accurate for readings for the current period in life.

Bride to Eternity

Practical remedies are discussed including yoga postures, behavioral remedies; color therapies and gems.

Of course, astrology is not a substitute for legal, medical, or psychological advice, so please consult with a licensed professional in these matters.

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