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The Astrology of Life Purpose | Deep Dive Into The Soul

Finding Your Soul’s Destiny Using Jaimini Astrology: Deep Dive into the Soul

People often want to understand their purpose on the planet, doing meaningful work and when their career will take off, and what are their blocks. Often what we do for a living is different from our purpose and this can create suffering. Barry Rosen, with over 30 years in Vedic astrology, explores multiple ways of tackling this issue in multiple ways and the key is often in Jaimini astrology.

Applied Vedic Astrology - Secrets of Transits

Secrets of Transits Version 2.0

Unlock the Secrets of Timing Your Life with Vedic Astrology through this comprehensive seminar.

Rahu And Ketu

Completed 2.0 Edition in 2022;
Recordings available.

Vargas 2

The Subtle Divisional Charts, Ayurvedic Health And Ancestral Karma
Starting January 2023

Vargas 3

Coming Fall 2023


20 Week Class. 2023

Nakshatra Techniques Part 2

Scheduled for 2024.

Blind Spots 2.0

Understanding Unconscious Patterns In Vedic Astrology — Blind Spots
Completed in 2022
Recordings available.

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