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We launch 3-4 new classes each year, where personal interaction and live Q&A make for lively personalized development.

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7, 12 & 24 Week-long Course Options

Applied Vedic Astrology - Secrets of Transits

Secrets of Transits Version 2.0

Unlock the Secrets of Timing Your Life with Vedic Astrology through this comprehensive seminar.

Rahu And Ketu

Completed 2.0 Edition in 2022;
Recordings available.

Vargas 2

The Subtle Divisional Charts, Ayurvedic Health And Ancestral Karma
Starting January 2023

Vargas 3

Coming Fall 2023


20 Week Class. 2023

Nakshatra Techniques Part 2

Scheduled for 2024.

Blind Spots 2.0

Understanding Unconscious Patterns In Vedic Astrology — Blind Spots
Completed in 2022
Recordings available.

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Rahu And Ketu

Understanding And Healing The Karmic Axis

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