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Understanding the Daily Calendar for Personality Analysis and for Timing Important Events

Course Starts January 4, 2025 | 10 weeks | $395.00

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The essence of understanding daily transits and auspicious times is tied to the traditional panchanga which includes the qualities of the days of the weeks, the lunar days or Tithis, the different nakshatra that the moon goes through, the ½ lunar days called Karanas and the Nithya Yogas which are tied to the relationship of the Sun and the Moon. We also need to understand the importance of the Vedic Lunar months and what is auspicious for starting key events at certain times of the year.

Each of these components is important for understanding the birth personality and picking auspicious times to start new events.  For example, Karanas are important for business and material success while Tithi are important for relationship compatibility.  The first part of this course will focus on understanding how we can dive deeper into the natal chart based on the Panchanga at birth.

The second part of the course will focus on Muhurtha or how to pick an auspicious time for major events.  The ones that are most often used these day will be focused on:

  1. Timing Marriage Vows
  2. Timing Purchase of a Home
  3. Timing Surgery
  4. Timing Opening a Store or New Business
  5. Timing Travel
  6. Timing Business Investments

We will learn the general rules of Muhurtha and the work-around rules to get through the impossibility of finding any time.

Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of Vedic Astrology.

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