MYSTERIES OF SATURN AND CAPRICORN: Mastering its Energies for Growth and Transformation PART 1


MYSTERIES OF SATURN AND CAPRICORN: Mastering its Energies for Growth and Transformation– NEW MINI BOOK–PART 1  NEW THIRD EDITION

(If you bought the 1st edition we will send you the new second edition at know additional charge)


Everything you need to know to survive.

Let’s be honest.
Saturn doesn’t whisper. It commands.

Every aspect of our lives is informed by the ringed giant, yet so much is misunderstood.

  • Saturn and Complaining
  • Responsibility and Getting It Right
  • Sade Sati, or the dreaded “Saturn Return.” What everyone gets wrong…
  • Guide for Saturn & Capricorn by Rising Sign and Moon Sign
  • The Meaning of Saturn Retrograde
  • Dealing With Anxiety
  • Enough Doom and Gloom Already!
  • Nature of Capricorn and Aquarius Rising
  • Saturn/Pluto Conjunction
  • Saturn /Pluto and Mundane Astrology
  • True Meaning of Saturn Transits
  • The Meaning of Saturn Combustion
  • Saturn as the Good and Bad Parent
  • Saturn and Fear of the Future
  • Key Dates for Saturn for 2020-2023
  • Saturn in Uttara Shadha Nakshatra and Shravana Nakshatrasa
  • Saturn/Ketu associations.
  • Saturn by Sign: Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn and Aquarius (more coming)
    Saturn /Uranus connections for 2021

And, of course…

  • Saturn Transits Explained: 2020-2022

Over 90 pages! Downloadable .pdf file!

Just 9,95
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Part II Coming Fall0, 2021

  • Surviving Saturn Dashas
  • Saturn by Sign
  • Saturn by House
  • Saturn in the 27 Nakshatras
  • Saturn with the Other Planets in Conjunction
  • Saturn Atmakaraka

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