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Applied Vedic Astrology specializes in issues related to karmic patterns, addressing how the grips of karma lead to self-defeating emotional and mental patterns. Through our consultations, courses, webinars, and books, gain practical guidance and remedies for your personal transformation to transcend and move beyond your obstacles.



Get your personal questions answered, move through the karmic obstacles, and emerge with solutions in any area of your life.


Online Courses

Online Courses

Join our live sessions or on-demand webinars to explore the fascinating world of Vedic astrology with Barry Rosen.


Neo-Vedic Academy

Learn this ancient science in a simplified, accessible way,  tailored for deep self-inquiry and to support future astrological consultants development


Personal Finance, Business Astrology, Investment Astrology

Consultations, Financials Newsletters and Courses to support your financial and business growth


Books and Single Videos


Barry is the author of 5 books on Vedic astrology, featuring insights about the planets, energy, and  transformation.


Uncover Your Natal Chart Through a Unique Lens

With over 30 years of research, Barry Rosen reveals original insights about the natal chart in a way that supersedes linear thought—taking into account the multiple shifts that cause a birth chart to shift. This multidimensional perspective is a true rarity in the realm of astrology, and is a specialty of Applied Vedic Astrology.

Individuals can become the commanders of the planets, rather than falling victim to them.”

Meet Barry Rosen

Bathed in the wisdom of Vedic culture since 1973, Barry has been dedicated to the practice of Vedic astrology for 25 years. His teachers include Komilla Sutton, Marc Boney, Robert Koch, and various seminars with Sanjay Rath. He has travelled and studied in India on four occasions, is a long-time meditation and yoga instructor and author of five books on Vedic astrology.

Particularly fascinated by the psychological and spiritual dimensions of Vedic astrology, Barry focuses on the emotional and mental patterns in the natal chart that impact an individual’s consciousness. His goal is to help you witness the play of karma in order to transcend it and to realize your own divinity.

Featured speaker at:
• Sedona Vedic Astrology Conference, since 1999
• British Association of Vedic Astrologers, London, since 2006
• United Astrology Conference, 2018
• Provided  thousands of consultations since 1988
• Leeds Vedic Astrology Conference since 2021

What people are sharing

“Barry has an extensive amount of knowledge and clarity in his readings. His work served me deeply in what to look out for in the days ahead and to align with what is most important. Deeply grateful for this work.”

Daniel Pohnke

Barry has a huge breadth of knowledge from the many aspects of jyothish. He ties all these different bodies of knowledge well to paint a comprehensive picture from all directions in his readings and classes.” 


Barry, your reading confirmed my life path and I will be forever grateful. It allowed me to be confident to move forward toward that which truly serves my dharma and my singular purpose for this lifetime. Thank you!”

John Winston Rainey

Screenwriter and author

“Barry is very deeply in tune with planetary influences and skillfully able to verbalize how those influences affect any given situation.”


“Barry is a gifted astrologer with a passion to share his knowledge through his excellent teaching skills. He is always in pursuit of gaining new knowledge, hence making more accurate predictions. I feel blessed being his student for not only learning astrology but also about how to be a great human being.”


“Barry provided an incredible amount of information during my Natal Chart reading and the courses.  He shed light on potential challenges in my life and continues to share remedies as I progress through a very challenging Dasha period.  I would recommend Barry's one-on-one sessions and other classes to anyone looking to learn more about themselves and better understand Vedic astrology.” 

Matt Lutka

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