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Applied Vedic Astrology Academy

Modern Vedic Institute For Astrological Studies

The Neo-Vedic Institute seeks to modernize the ancient wisdom of the Vedas and Vedic astrology into easy to understand language that can simplify the learning and practical application of Vedic astrology. It seeks to teach Vedic astrology for self-inquiry or for those who want to move on to learn to be consultants. Classes are live or on tape and you can study at your own pace.
Barry draws on the rich and ancient traditions of Ancient India from Parashara and Jaimini but also helps translate them into modern language and psychology and draws up some of the more useful concepts and psychological archetypes from Western Astrology.
As a result, the value and accuracy of prediction in Vedic astrology is combined with Western psychological approaches to bring this ancient knowledge into modern times for a new generation and without gender, cultural biases. The essence of being a good Vedic astrologer is based on the development of consciousness. We cannot know every part of the ocean but we can become One with the Consciousness of the ocean. The Neo-Vedic institute also seeks to instruct its students in the development of consciousness through the teachings of Barry’s spiritual lineage, while the container of knowledge is filled through developing a personal practice for each student from their charts and plugging them into a rich and ancient tradition of Yagyas and mantras and japa practices.

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“Barry’s dedication and commitment to uplifting humanity is very evident in the way he conducts his courses. He is full of passion and insight, with classes being light, and colloquial with easy exchange of ideas and profound concepts.

I enjoyed the ease of Barry’s classes and gained much information and insight, deepening my own understandings in Jyotish.”


Sydney, Australia

“I feel the last class imparted a deeply psychological and integral understanding of the planets as subconscious forces that inform our psyches. The planets are complex energies that manifest on physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual and environmental levels and an awareness of them harnesses a more intelligent way to engage with them. The grahas bring us deep lessons to evolve and transform in this limited life but to do this we need a way to decipher and unpack their archetypal import in the context of our daily pain- pleasure routines. This last class on the schools of karma instructs us on how we could do so.”


“What I really appreciate about you and your work is that you are very thorough and consider multiple perspectives in sharing your knowledge.  Your dialogue about astrology is practical to the western mind, while staying true to the Vedas. I also love that you respond quickly and are very caring.“


Barry is very knowledgeable and generously shares his knowledge.


“Barry’s classes are very interactive, something I love. It allows me to ask questions and listen to other’s student perspectives about their charts and experiences. Barry has a vast knowledge regarding astrology, mundane astrology, yoga and ayurvedic, finances, etc., and he applies all this knowledge teaching his classes, providing examples and his personal experience. Barry shares during his classes an abundance of material and knowledge, he answers all his questions with clear examples and is always there for his students.”

Diana L.

“I have done almost all of Barry’s courses because he marries complex, intricate theory into real world application with examples and explaining the nuances that is hard to find in books and in many other astrology courses. His enthusiasm and generosity comes through in his teaching.”


Vedic Astrology 2021 Courses

YEAR 1: Foundations of Vedic Astrology

Astrology Chart

1st Year

Understanding Your Chart & Destiny

Buy individual classes, or save money and buy a package.

Please allow 24-48 hours for your course materials to be sent to you.

YEAR 2: Foundations of Analysis and Prediction

2nd Year

Foundations of Analysis & Prediction

Buy individual classes, or save money and buy a package.

Please allow 24-48 hours for course materials to be sent to you.

YEAR 3: Intermediate Studies

3rd Year

Intermediate Studies

Buy individual classes, or save money and buy a package.

Please allow 24-48 hours for course materials to be sent to you.

YEAR 4 & 5: Specialized Studies

4th & 5th Year

Specialized Studies

Must buy each course individually, no package available. 

Please allow 24-48 hours for course materials to be sent to you.

What Makes Us Different?


Our classes are very affordable and can be studied with a small start-up cost.


Barry is easily available to answer email questions and can set up consultations and private tutoring sessions with you.

Community Connection

Get connected to other students studying Vedic astrology and to tutors and other teachers to get support on your studies through special online-networks.

Praised and Acknowledged

100’s of students have taken Barry’s classes and their testimonials are below


Available after completion of each year of study


You can spend 3-4 hours a week and make progress.


We draw on the classics but translate them into modern terms.


Even the very foundational material has deep psychological and riveting insights that are beyond anything found in other classes or books.

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About Barry Rosen

Barry Rosen at Bava Conference
Barry with the Faculty at the British Association of Vedic Astrology in London 2010

Barry Rosen has been involved in Vedic astrology since 1987 and began consultations over 30 years ago. He began teaching astrology in 2015 and has a passion for bringing clarity and coherence to his classes so difficult concepts are made understandable. Hundreds of students have taken his classes over the past five years.

He has had many spiritual teachers since he began meditation in 1973 and has taught meditation and breath work and yoga since 1976 and became involved in Ayurveda in 1983. He has had many astrological teachers including SanjayRath, Komilla Sutton, Robert Koch, and Marc Boney, but has had an uncanny ability to ready Vedic texts and astrological books and understand and cognize and translate their concepts into modern terms.

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