Vedic astrologers always tell us that the Moon is the most important thing to look at in a chart, and there is the Chandra Lagna or Moon Chart which is very key. If we are not happy or if our mind is a mess then nothing really works and yet most of us have not learned to handle the mind, negative thoughts, and feelings and deal with our anger for the past.

The nakshatra or constellation that the Moon is in is very key for personality and starting our dasha sequence is connected to the moon. On the lunar day we are born, the relationship to the Sun (Nithayoga) is very key. Planetary signs that the Moon resides in and aspects and associations to planets are very key for understanding the nature of the mind.  There are numerous Yogas for the Moon that are important that create wealth, isolation, ups, and downs in finances.

Severely afflicted Moons connected to Rahu and Ketu can create mental illness and sometimes creative geniuses.  This course will allow us to really focus on the Moon so that we can delve deeper into understanding the mind, its psychology, and its obsessions and challenges.

The 4th house, the sign of Cancer, the Nakshatras of the Moon, Moon Dashas, and Moon Atmakaraka also need to be covered.  So whenever we need to analyze the mind we really need to be aware of the 4th house, the sign of Cancer, the moon’s signs and aspects and nakshatras and so many factors.  Ultimately we have to find the blind spots that block our minds and keep us in darkness and ignorance.


First Class Preview:

  • CLASS 1: Secrets of the Moon – Overview
  • CLASS 2:  The Moon in the Various Houses  Part 1
  • CLASS 3: The Moon in Various Houses Part 2
  • Class 4-5:   The Moon by Sign and Aspect   Coloration of Consciousness from Planetary Signs and Aspect
  • CLASS 6: Secrets of the 4th House and the Sign of Cancer; Moon;  Atmakarka and the Soul’s Challenge in this Lifetime
  • CLASS 7:  Lunar Constellations and Nakshatras; the 25th Nakshatra; and the Nature of the Mind on Mental Health
  • CLASS 8-9: The Influence of Lunar Days (Tithis), Half Lunar Days or Karanas and Nithayogas (Sun/Moon Relationship) on our Personality
  • CLASS 10: Lunar Yogas: The Importance of Financial Ups and Downs, Scandals, Addictions, and Success Based on Lunar Yogas
  • CLASS 11: Mental Deviation: Mental Health, The Nodes, and the Influence on the Moon
  • CLASS 12:  Understanding Moon Dashas and Transits;  Remedies for the Moon
  • Understanding the Nature of Sade and the 12th, 1st, and 2nd House Transits to the Moon


Course Fee: $225.00.

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What His Client Are Saying: 

“Barry is a gifted astrologer soul, with a passion to share his knowledge through his excellent teaching skills. He is always in pursuit of gaining new knowledge, hence making more accurate predictions. I feel blessed being his student for not only learning astrology but also about how to be a great human being.”  PG, San Francisco, CA

“Barry Is Very Deeply In Tune With Planetary Influences And Skillfully Able To Verbalize How Those Influences Affect Any Given Situation.”  –Daren

“Barry Provided An Incredible Amount Of Information During My Natal Chart Reading With Him And Additional Course Work I Have Completed With Him.  He Shed Light On Potential Challenges In My Life And Continues To Work With Me On Remedies As I Progress Through A Very Challenging Dasha Period.  I Would Recommend Barry’s One-On-One Sessions And Other Classes To Anyone Looking To Learn More About Themselves And Better Understand Vedic Astrology.”  ML, Chicago.

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