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The deepest purpose of astrology should allow us to see the Maya or illusion that runs through our mind and blocks us from seeing our own Divinity. Astrology should reveal our hidden patterns and not just affirm what we know about our self already. Barry’s deep psychological analysis of the zodiacal signs, planets, and houses offers new dimensions and depth in understanding Vedic astrology. While suitable for new students of Vedic astrology, even seasoned veteran astrologer will see new ways of looking at signs, houses, and planets. As a bonus, Barry adds a section on planetary interpretation involving retrogrades, exaltation, debilitation, combustion, and much more.

The great spiritual teacher Yogananda was fond of saying that most of what we call the spiritual battle is really a psychological battle and once that battle is won, the spiritual battle is a short one. This book aims to support you in deep spiritual growth with profound psychological insight.

  • SECTION 1: Musings on the Nature of Karma
  • SECTION 2: Spiritual Nature of Signs
  • SECTION 3: Archetypal and Psychological Dimensions of the Planets
  • SECTION 4: Understanding Vedic Houses in Depth
  • SECTION 5: Refining Our Understanding of  Interpretation: Secrets of Retrogrades, Exalted, Debilitated and Combust Planets


Barry’s spiritual and psychological approach to astrology seeks to cut the puppet strings of the planets that impact our emotions and psychology and bind us to self-blame, doubt and fear, and anger. This useful guide will help you navigate your life.

What our colleagues are saying about Barry’s other book, FINDING YOUR BLIND SPOTS USING VEDIC ASTROLOGY

Barry has a conversational, comfortable approach for those who find older translations of the Vedic texts hard to read. He relates in modern terms the principles to make Vedic astrology approachable. It is a great read for beginner students and intermediate astrologers alike.


Barry Rosen’s brilliant text profoundly addresses the essential goals of both Vedic Astrology and Transpersonal Psychology. (1) How to make the unconscious more conscious. (2) How to assist in healing suffering and (3) To help us awaken from the cosmic dream into the ultimate reality. Barry’s poetic writings explore the psychological analysis through Jyotish as well as the philosophical tenants of liberation. Well done my friend!!

-Dennis M. Harness, Ph.D. 
President Emeritus, American College of Vedic Astrology

Ever since I first came upon Barry Rosen’s writings and teachings, I have instantly and always felt a level of integrity, devotion, articulateness, and spirituality that just shines. Barry’s New Book “Finding Your Blind Spots Using Vedic Astrology” is a gift and blessing to anyone who enjoys Vedic Astrology, Self-Help, Spiritual improvement, and so much more. Barry provides an in-depth and comprehensive analysis at understanding Vedic Astrology as a tool to better understand ourselves, our challenges, and therefore our spiritual evolution on this planet. Thank you Barry for your incredibly insightful and elaborate Text!

-Kasanati Nakshatra, Vedic Astrologer

Barry Rosen has made a valuable contribution to understanding how houses act in hidden ways in a Vedic chart, and his explanations and process are logical and easy to follow. This ranks with the Uttara Kalamrita as a book that reveals the incredible density of meaning contained in the houses in a Vedic chart, which are the most important part of chart interpretation from my perspective. Excellent work.

-Dr. Gary Gomes,
President Emeritus, CVA.

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