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The essential divisional charts are a deeper look into the Varga charts – the natal chart house values operating and how they manifest in someone’s life.

People born on the same day with the same rising sign are very different and even twins born minutes apart are very different.  Vedic astrology is like reading strands of DNA.  You can go very deep in understanding Karma when you look at the divisional charts and see how they interact with the main chart.

This course seeks to offer deeper depth into seeing the deeper values operating and when they manifest in someone’s life.  We will focus on the most used and needed Varga charts starting with Navamsha and also looking the  D-10 for the career which comes up often.

Of course, we have to cover children which are so often asked about as well as property.

We will also teach techniques for rectifying people’s charts using the subtle variations in the Varga charts and focus on D-60 which Parashara gives great value to but which often is ignored because it changes every 2 minutes and has to be rectified to be useful.

A basic knowledge of Vedic astrology is required. The class is being geared to benefit basic astrological students as well as those with a more advanced background. Please email questions directly to Barry Rosen at

(Missed Classes available on videotape in Dropbox with accompanying Powerpoint presentations)

Lesson 1: Introduction to  the Principles of Using Varga Charts for Refining Analysis 

(Free introductory class)

First Class Free on You Tube:

Lesson 2-3:   Rectifying Charts –A Quick How-To Guide;  Essential Principles of Vargas Part 2  

Understand House Transpositions: Bhava Suchaka and Rasi Tuyla and Navamsha Rasi Tuyla 

LESSON 4 The Navamsha Chart or D-9  Part 1 -2

Hidden Qualities of the Soul 

Lesson 5 Bonus Tapes: Intro to Jamimi Astrology–Two Tapes 

Lesson 5: Advanced Uses of the Navamsha Chart:  Part 3

Soul Lessons and Talents and Life Purpose 

Lesson 6: D-9  Navamsha and  Secrets of Relationship  (two bonus tapes) 

Lesson 7-9 :  The Dashamsha or D-10 and Career and Status Part 1-3

Lesson 10-11 : The D-60 Chart– Core Soul Lessons, Past Lives and Reading the Strands of the DNA and Moola Dasha 

Lesson 12:     D-7 Charts: Children

Lesson 13: Parent-Child Relationships

Integration Class– Working Between D-1 /Rashi and Varga Charts. 

Course Integration and Synthesis:  Putting it All Together.


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