Career Counseling and Life Purpose Consultation


Stuck in your job?

Not sure if you’re living your purpose or dharma?

Wondering what your child’s life path is supposed to be so you do not turn an artist into a doctor?

This owner’s manual can help you uncover your life’s purpose and career tendencies and help focus on what will provide the best income for you.

Vocation and avocation may be at odds and talents may be at odds with creating an income.

This reading can help pull all these elements together and also show you how different periods and transits may bring out different tendencies in your life.

Also focuses on the Atmakaraka or guiding planet of the chart and the lessons of the soul and its purpose on the planet as seen in the Karakamsha Chart.

Special Bonus! A two-hour videotape introducing Jaimini Astrology and some of the hidden spiritual meanings contained in the chart. These can be downloaded from Dropbox.

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