Health, Death, and Longevity 2: Deeper Exploration of Ayurvedic Astrology and Major Health Concerns




The Vedic chart can be used to diagnose health issues and the emotional components and belief systems connected to them. This is a vast subject but we have to start somewhere. Indian astrologers were also versed in predicting longevity and many early readings always let someone know their time on the planet.

In this 12 week class, we will learn the basics of Ayurvedic Astrology and then focus on the astrology of longevity and timing of death and causes of death. Basic knowledge of Vedic astrology is required. Topics include a focus on the 6th house, vargas connected to health like the D3 and the D30, chakras and health, special degrees in the chart that may promote illness called mitrya bharga, timing of health and death and much more.



    • Week 16: Ayurveda in the chart- Foundations of the elements in the Vedic chart
    • Week 17: Diagnosing Ayurvedic body types from the chart 
    • Week 18: Mental patterns and mental health in the Mananas Nakshatra – the 25th Nakshatra and its mysteries 
    • Week 19: Nakshatras and the Body : Diagnosing illness patterns through the constellations
    • Week 20-21: Trimshamsha and the D-30 – Analyzing mental patterns and their impact on health
    •  Week 22:  Rahu and Ketu and Health and Remedies
    • Week 23:  Problems with Mars and its Connection to the 6th House 
    • Week 24:  The Astrology of Sleep and Sleep Disorders 
    • Week 25:  The Astrology of Heart Disease and Heart Disorders 
    • Week 26:  The Astrology of Organ and Non-Organ based Cancer 
    • Week 27:  The Astrology of the 2nd House, Eating and Eating Disorders.
    • Week 28: Timing Death Part 2: Shoola Dashas and Ayur Dasha


What His Client Are Saying: 

“Barry’s is a gifted astrologer soul, with a passion to share his knowledge through his excellent teaching skills. He is always in pursuit of gaining new knowledge, hence making more accurate predictions. I feel blessed being his student for not only learning astrology but also about how to be a great human being.” PG, San Francisco, CA

“Barry Is Very Deeply In Tune With Planetary Influences And Skillfully Able To Verbalize How Those Influences Affect Any Given Situation.” –Daren

“Barry Provided An Incredible Amount Of Information During My Natal Chart Reading With Him And Additional Course Work I Have Completed With Him. He Shed Light On Potential Challenges In My Life And Continues To Work With Me On Remedies As I Progress Through A Very Challenging Dasha Period. I Would Recommend Barry’s One-On-One Sessions And Other Classes To Anyone Looking To Learn More About Themselves And Better Understand Vedic Astrology.” ML, Chicago.

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