Secrets of Relationships and Compatibility Levels 1 and 2


Part 1 and 2



           15 Lessons 

      SATURDAYS: 12:00-2 :00 PM


 This is a foundation course as this topic can go months but as always it will bring the deep spiritual and psychological realms that all my courses develop and will discuss topics that are often not covered in depth.

We will also  teach traditional compatibility through the Kuta system, go deeply  into the Navamsha chart, explore how alternative sexuality can arise, the impact of Kuja dosha and Rahu and Ketu and sexual compatibility examined from the nakshatras as expounded by Prof. Jaya Sekhar.

We will also explore from Jaimini astrology the Upapada which is an important means for timing and understanding true marriage and sacrifice. The revised edition is adding more on composite charts, Davison analysis from Western Astrology, and non-marital relationships.

Basic knowledge of Vedic astrology is a prerequisite.

PART 1:  Week 1-7  195.00

Week 1: Relationship Skills and the Planets: Mining the Depth of the 7th House and its Secrets–Romance or Death. 

Week 2: Relationship Compatability Overview: Planets and Signs in the 7th House; Survey of Compatibility Techniques

Week 3: The Cornerstones of Relationships Compatibility: Matching Moons, Venus, Suns and Rising Signs for Compatibility

Week 4:  Martian Blemishes and Kuja Dosha and the Impact of Rahu and Ketu on Relationships. 

Week 5-6: Navamsha and D-9 in Compatability  

Week 7: Jaimini Dara Karaka and other Chara karaka and their impact on relationships : Arudha, Dara Pada, and Upapada.

Upapada and relationships.  

Tithi Comparison and Relationships

Part 2:  Weeks 8-15  195.00

Week 8:  The Timing of Relationships and Marriage and Muhurtha and Marriage Selection. 

Week 9: Ayuvedic Dosha Compatability in Relationship

Week 10-11: Nakshatra Agreements and the Kuta System

Weeks 12 & 13: Planets in Composite–How Charts Overlap and What to look for 

WEEK 14:  Planets in Composite and the Davison Methods of Mid-Points

Week 15: Other Types of Compatibility: Gay Relationships, Parent Child and Business Partner Compatability 

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Part 1: 195.00   Part 2 195.00

Parts 1 & 2 Discount Bought Together: 349.00


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