Personal Finance and Your Life 1 – Course Manual


Course Overview


This financial astrology book will support Vedic astrologers and astrology students in addressing money issues in clients’ charts and their own lives to help them answer all major aspects of applying Vedic astrology to money matters–-from personal money success to judging investment success in one’s chart. It will focus greatly on the psychology of blocks to money in charts for counseling as well as practical techniques to alleviate these blocks as well as using traditional Vedic remedies. Drawing on the work of Reverend Ike and Catherine Ponder it will also offer deep webinar insights into overcoming financial issues.

Basic knowledge of Vedic astrology or Western astrology is required. The class is being geared to benefit basic astrological students as well as those with a more advanced background.  Ready to download but email below if there are problems with the automatic download.

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Course Syllabus

Lesson 1: Introduction to Vedic Astrology for Money Matters: Understanding Planets, Signs, Houses, Nakshatras, Aspects and Transits for Finance. Larger overview of the 8 Aspects of Lakshmi and Wealth

Lesson 2: Introduction to Personal Finance and Astrology and the Houses Part 1: Overview of all the money houses including a major focus on 2nd house

Lesson 3: Introduction to Personal Finance and Astrology and the Houses Part 2 Overview of all the money houses including a major focus on 11th houses but also the 8th house.

Lesson 4: Judging Financial and Investment Success in Personal Natal Charts–Focus on the 5th House and the Part of Fortune, Yogi Points, and Sri Lagna

  • Secrets of Remedies Through Tithing

Lesson 5: Good Luck Points in Your Chart: Sri Lagna, Yogi Point, Part of Fortune and Ruler of the Hour of Your Birth.

Lesson 6: Wealth in Divisional Charts

  • 4TH House and Real Estate
  • D-4–Inheritance and Real Estate

Lesson 7: Remedies for Money Karma 1: Traditional thoughts on Mantras, Pujas and Offerings to Release Blocks.

Lesson 8: The Psychological Blocks to Money and its Karma: The Wisdom of the Money Gurus

  • Deep Karmic Lessons from Past Lives in Your Chart; The Astrology of Self-Sabotage.

Lesson 9: Timing the Periods of Financial Prosperity and Periods of Misfortune.

Course Integration and Synthesis: Putting it All Together


This manual is to supplement the Personal Finance and Your Life 1 course.

 The manual can be purchased separately or with the videotaped lectures.

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