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Dasha 3  Predictive Techniques

Predicting through Vimshotari Dasha is quite an art and quite complicated. It actually governs more of how we feel about what is going on how we feel impacts what manifests and impacts mental realm of existence. The 10 alternative nakshatra dashas like Ashotarri and Shodashari also work in that way but we have to know when to choose the right one.

Often the Nakshatra that the dasha is placed in will have more of an influence on the period and there may be a difference in Mars periods depending if the Nakshatra involved is Chitra, Dhanishta or Mrigashira. KN Rao’s Chara Dasha is also much better at predicting tangible results and rotates around the signs of the zodiac and is a more useful and accurate way of getting good results for people. This 24-week course will cover the basics of Vimshottari dasha for four weeks but then will offer new depth and new techniques to get predictions more accurate using alternative dashas, Rashi Dashas, and other techniques.

Coming Fall 2024!

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