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Vedic astrologers sometimes shy away from Sun signs because it is such a Western astrological concept but the two most important planets in any chart are the Sun and the Moon.  As a companion piece to Secrets of the Moon,  this new Sun course will explore Vedic Sun signs in depth with a focus on career, life purpose and achievement.  In addition we will look at a lot of politicians chart, explore Sun as the Karaka for health and look at the Sun in various houses and signs for clues about life purpose.  In the final section of the class, we will explore the Adityas or Vedic Sun gods, their mythology and how their energies manifest in the careers and destinies of great men and women.


  • WEEK 1:  The Nature of the Sun, Symbolism and Mythology

  • Weeks 2-4  Understanding Life Purpose in a Vedic Chart

  • The Sun and Career–The Sun in Various Signs and Houses

  • Week 5: Yogas of th Sun: The Positions of the Sun from the Lagna and It’s Impact

  • Week 6: The Sun as the Signifier for Health

  • Week 7: Sun/Rahu  Connections and the Lives of Politicians

  • Week 8:  Aries and Taurus: The Mythology and Impact of Dhata and Aryaman

  • Week 9: Gemini and Cancer: The Mythology and Impact of Mitra and Varuna

  • Week 10:  Leo and Virgo: The Mythology and Impact of Indra and Vivasvan

  • Week 11: Libra and Scorpio: The Mythology and Impact of Pushyan and Parjanya

  • Week 12: Sagittarius and Capricorn: The Mythology and Impact of Amsuman and Bhaga

  • Week 13:  Aquarius and Pisces: The Mythology and Impact of  Tvatshar and  Vishnu

All classes are recorded for replay and missed classes and are broadcast on Go to Webinar


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What His Client Are Saying: 

“Barry’s is a gifted astrologer soul, with a passion to share his knowledge through his excellent teaching skills. He is always in pursuit of gaining new knowledge, hence making more accurate predictions. I feel blessed being his student for not only learning astrology but also about how to be a great human being.”  PG, San Francisco, CA

“Barry Is Very Deeply In Tune With Planetary Influences And Skillfully Able To Verbalize How Those Influences Affect Any Given Situation.”  –Daren

“Barry Provided An Incredible Amount Of Information During My Natal Chart Reading With Him And Additional Course Work I Have Completed With Him.  He Shed Light On Potential Challenges In My Life And Continues To Work With Me On Remedies As I Progress Through A Very Challenging Dasha Period.  I Would Recommend Barry’s One-On-One Sessions And Other Classes To Anyone Looking To Learn More About Themselves And Better Understand Vedic Astrology.”  ML, Chicago.

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