Finding Your Soul’s Destiny Using Jaimini Astrology: Deep Dive into the Soul


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Live Webinar: Every Saturday, Oct 21 to Dec. 16, 11:30 am – 1:30 pm CDT | 8 Week Class | Part 1

People often want to understand their purpose on the planet, doing meaningful work and when their career will take off, and what are their blocks. Often what we do for a living is different from our purpose and this can create suffering. Barry Rosen, with over 30 years in Vedic astrology, explores multiple ways of tackling this issue in multiple ways and the key is often in Jaimini astrology.

Two bonus lessons start the course and

focus on understanding Jaimini and we will look at Jaimini charts like the Karakamsha Navamsha and Rashi charts for understanding clues into life purpose as well as core techniques with the Rashi and Navamsha charts.

Cost: Early Bird Fee by Oct 12th  Is $295.00

Overview Class: Ocean In A Drop – 12 Ways To Look At Career And Life Purpose (from the older edition of the course)


Available on YouTube at: 

Catch the new live preview on Saturday, Sept. 9th  at 11:30  a.m. Central Time On Go To Webinar.

CLASS 1: Understanding the Building Blocks of Career and Life Purpose by Planet, Sign and Nakshatras

CLASS 2 & 3: Atmakaraka in Depth—The Challenges of this Incarnation and Life Lessons.

CLASS 4: Navamsha Chart and the Soul’s Purpose—Understanding our Inherited Talents from Past Lives.

CLASS 5: Purushartas and the Navamsha Chart:
The Five Aims of Life and Dharma:  the Purushartas—Pleasure, Business and Money,  Protection of Society,  Liberation and Renewing and Revitalizing Outmoded Traditional Values of Society. Which one is dominant?

CLASS 6: Jamini Karakamsha Navamsha Charts Integrating the Soul’s Desires for  this Incarnation.

CLASS  7: Jaimini Karakamsha Rashi Chart: Manifesting our Life Purpose in the Material World.

CLASS 8: Integration of Lessons 1-8.

Upcoming Courses Afterwards:

PART 2: Advance Career Topics. (8 Weeks)

PART 3: Income, Career and Personal Finance (8 Weeks)

PART 4: The Astrology of Investment and Speculation (8 Weeks)


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