Finding Your Soul’s Destiny: Multiple Chart Perspectives



 Multiple Chart Perspectives


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MINI-COURSE: 9 Lessons on Videotape 

This course turned into a life-purpose course on techniques for uncovering your soul’s destiny starting with the Natal chart and then moving into the Moon, Sun and Navamsha charts and then looking at the special Jaimini charts connected to the Atmakaraka or Soul Planet.  This course addresses looking at your chart from multiple perspectives that you understand your personal journey including your physical reality, mental reality, emotional reality, soul reality.

This seminar is designed for students of Vedic astrology who know the basics and seek to unfold some secret insights charts.  I find that people get too identified too much with their natal chart as if they were a line on  stone.  In reality, we are more of a multi-dimensional holograms and there are many charts that we have to look at during different times to get a full picture of who we are that give us insight into our soul, mind, emotions, physical reality and transposed reality.

For questions, email  Email for special invoicing if you do not use PayPal.  Basic knowledge of Vedic Astrology is required. Early reading list and extra videos and study lists will be available to supplement and allow us to go deeper in class.

Weeks 1Natal Chart Karma: The Foundation for Your Journey: Hidden Insights into the Core Chart 

 Your Emotional World: Moon Charts (Chandra Lagna) and their Variations

Week 2: Rotating the Chart Around Your Natal Sun: Correct Uses of Sun Charts: Finding our Eternal Soul’s Connection with the Physical World and its Manifestation

Week 3: Mental Levels of Reality: Understanding the Nakshatra Matrix and Influence on the Mind;

Week 4: Navamshas and Dharma:  The Four Purushartas: Artha, Kama, Moksha, Dharmas– Wealth, Pleasure, Liberation, and Duty.

Week 5:  Secrets of the Navamsha Chart: Your Hidden Talents and Dharma 

Week 6:  Navamsha 3:  Atmakaraka and The Soul’s Journey in the Navamsha Chart

Week 7:  Navamsha and Dharma: Secrets of Hidden Dharma in Jaimini Astrology.

Week 8:  Karakamsha Navamsha and Rashi Charts; Integrating the Soul’s Journey with the Material World.

Week 9: Course Synthesis and Cookbook.  Rotating Dasha Charts for Timing Your Soul’s Journey and Impact of Moving on Your Soul’s Journey–Astrolocality.

BONUS:  Two extra tapes on introduction to Jaimini Astrology

Video Recordings  available through DROPBOX

YouTube Introduction to the Course at


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