New Dimensions in Traditional Vedic Remedies PART 3: MAJOR LIFE ISSUES


New Dimensions in Traditional Vedic Remedies: 

Jyotish Prescription Training for Astrologers–Class3

Practical Remedies for Common Problems.

with Pundit Samavedula, Barry Rosen and Andrew Foss

Coming: Winter 2021!


Five classes;  2 Bonus pre-recorded Classes:

Two Bonus Videos to Watch Before the Class Starts:

1) Basics of Remedy Prescription by Gary Gomes
2) Barry Rosen: Vedic and Western Remedies for Finance 

Overview of Planetary Remedies and Prescriptions  

Planetary Remedies and Dashas

 Working with Health Issues

  Marriage and Family Life Remedies

 Wealth and Prosperity Remedies

Career and Business Remedies


 Guest Jyotishis : Barry Rosen and Andrew Foss

Video Recordings  available through DROPBOX 

 Pandit Sharma C.S. Samavedula
Pandit Sharma C.S. Samavedula is the founder of the Vedic Yagya Center. He was born in 1971 in Manindragar, Madhya Pradesh, India into a family of South Indian Brahmans.His father is Brahma Shri Samavedula Trinadha Lakshmi Narasimha Murty, a Sama Veda Pandit and an expert in Shri Vidya (Shri Vidya Upasaka – A pandit who performs Shri Vidya pujas and yagyas).Pandit Sharma is a 6th generation Sama Veda pandit and also a Shri Vidya Upasaka. 


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