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With over 45 pre-recorded classes to select from, you can certainly count on satisfying your Vedic Astrology interests with Barry’s vast, expert knowledge!

Gain lifetime access to each course with downloadable links sent through Dropbox transfer. You can study and practice at your own pace, and you’ll receive bonus articles, powerpoints and more to further support your journey.

Depending on the subject, courses typically last 12-weeks (though some are 7 and others 24!) and a 2-hour video is provided each week. We also offer a new series of live courses each year!

45+ Pre-recorded Classes

Download/Lifetime Access

Bonus Content

2-HR Videos Each Week

New Live Courses Each Year

7, 12 & 24 Week-long Course Options

Best Sellers

Discover the best-selling, most popular topics that Barry offers. From dashas, money karma, transits, Ayurvedic astrology, and more!

2024 Live Classes

We launch 4-6 new classes each year, where personal interaction and live Q&A make for lively personalized development.

Personal Finances

Diagnose financial issues that can affect savings, investments, income, real estate, and inheritance.

Astrology of Prediction

Discover tools that support the prediction of the future through planetary transits, dashas, and more!

Ayurvedic Astrology

Learn how to correlate medical issues in your chart and uncover the planets that are impacting them.


Discover tools that support the prediction of the future through planetary transits, dashas, and more!


Relationship astrology made accessible under Barry’s expert guidance, discover more about compatibility for all your relationships.

Spirituality & Yoga

These classes highlight one’s unique spiritual destiny, enlightenment, spiritual practices in the charts, Vedic systems of philosophy, and more.

Foundations of Vedic Astrology

Foundations of Vedic Astrology

Just starting out? Dive into the fascinating world of Vedic astrology. Perfect for beginners and seasoned astrologers exploring with more depth.

Psychology & Personality Orientation

While Western astrology is commonly psychologically oriented, Barry loves to weave psychological analysis into his Vedic courses.

Vargas: Divisional Charts

The divisional charts allow us to probe the unique strands of DNA and karma in our chart, helping to reveal deep, highly accurate predictions.

Work & Career

“What is my purpose? What am I here to do in this lifetime? How can I make money from my talents?” Dive into the depths of these questions.

Secrets of the Masters

Advanced classes on Arudhas, timing, predictive techniques, and cookbooks for timing any future plans.

We look forward to sharing this rich, ancient science with you! For any questions, reach out to

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