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Over the weekend we posted about the 120 degree five house trine from Rahu exactly to Mars.   Though intense we also forgot that Saturn was severely afflicting Rahu last weekend on Oct. 9th exactly and was squaring Ketu (a 75% aspect but intense that close) also.  Hence we have a very afflicted Rahu stirring up fiery Mars in Sagittarius and Saturn firing up an angry Ketu, another fire planet.  In some ways this volcanic explosion is a bit more intense than the Mars/Saturn conjunction in Scorpio because Mars was at least home in a water sign but now Mars and Rahu are afflicted in fire signs and Saturn is fanning the flames with his air. If you find yourself getting into angry shouting matches with your spouse or partner or boss, pullback, get some extra exercise, scream it out in the car alone or drink lots of coconut milk that calms the fire.  The Mars/Pluto conjunction into Oct. 19th is not going to help matters. The intensity of this situation is not going to lift probably until the weekend of Oct. 22nd when there is a bit more seperation of the aspects but not completely over until after Halloween..

This aspect can lead to a testing of outer courage contrasted against inner fear. It might particularly push sexual prowess energies for Sag. rising but it can lead to impetuous/adventurism and can lead to accidents if you are not careful–particularly around Saturday, Oct. 15th if you are not alert and aware with the Uranus opposition to the Sun (see below). I find that this aspect can lead to angry flare ups so no fighting with your partner so pull over if this develops while driving in the car.  Like all anger, do not let it bottle up but find a constructive way to let it out with exercise or dance (good with Venus this week) or just screaming when you are alone in car.  It is a problem when it is unexpressed.  Look at children. They let it out, get angry for 5 minutes and then go back to normal.  We can do this also.  Let it out and come back to center. Of course, meditation, yoga and exercise will be essential the next week but find a way to calm it down before it explodes. Lets hope the terrorists and hot-headed politicians can keep it cool.  Reread our article on Saturn/Ketu published earlier.  Sign up for a reading.   People running Mars/Rahu, Rahu/Mars/  Rahu/Saturn or Saturn/ Rahu or Saturn/Ketu periods will particularly feel the impact of these transits.

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