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When two people come together, their charts interact and overlap.  So if your Mars is on top of someone’s Saturn or aspect it may create friction and frustration.   Planetary aspects and angles can also reveal how two people interact.

Applied Vedic Astrology now has a new compatibility program that can analyze and offer advice on how your relationships can be improved by understanding the complex interactions of the two charts. The program will also use complex Western astrological angles and the outer planets as the Western Astrologers have really excelled in this kind of analysis.

While a live consult is always recommended, for those on a budget, this analysis may give you the needed insights to assist your growth together.

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Please allow 24-48 for us to run it and send it to you by email.    Questions can be sent to

We will eventually computerize an online form but after purchase go to our regular online fill in form for a reading and fill it out and under notes put the 2nd person’s name and birth-data and note you want a computerized dating analysis.   Click below and scroll to the bottom of the page for the form.


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