New Dimensions in Traditional Vedic Remedies

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Exploring Mantras for the Planets, Gem, and Yantra Prescriptions


with Pundit Samavedula, Gary Gomes, Andrew Foss, and Barry Rosen

Pre-recorded to watch at your own leisure

“Millionaires do not use astrology. Billionaires do.” -JP Morgan

Class 1 Overview on Remedies, Theory; Traditional and Others
  • Includes 5 tapes

Class 2 Andrew Foss pt 1: Mantra from Yoga of the Planets Part 1
Class 3 Andrew Foss pt 2: Dashas and Yoga of the Planets and Punditji on Sun Mantras
Class 4 Sun and Moon Mantras, Case Studies
Class 5 Gary Gomes: Mars Mantras and Dashas, Principles of Interpretation
Class 6 Jupiter Mantras pt 1, Case Studies
Class 7 Gem Therapy, Gary Gomes & Barry Rosen
Class 8 Remedies Integration
Class 9 Saturn Mantras pt 1
Class 10 Rahu and Ketu Mantras
Class 11 Saturn Mantras pt 2 and Eclipses
Class 12 Jupiter Mantras pt 2

In each 120-140 minutes class, Pundit Samavedula will teach mantras for the propitiation of the nine planets as well as bonus lessons on Ganesh and Lakshmi and health mantras.

Instruction will be on timing and repetition and proper pronunciation of mantras and alternative techniques for the chanting of those mantras.

Gomes and other professional Jyotishis will spend an hour analyzing charts and providing case studies for prescribing mantras for problems.

Other special topics to be covered include presentations from Andrew Foss, author of Yoga of the Planets on mantra prescriptions for dasha problems, and other problems based on the 972 mantras connected to each pada of the zodiac.


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