What Can An Astrology Reading Do For You?  

“Are you in the cycle of constantly being ‘out’, trying to escape and you find yourself wanting to know when things will get better?”

A good astrologer can look at your chart and tell you when Jupiter, the planet of good fortune will be in Leo, which will turn things around or you. 

While you wait for a visit from Jupiter, a good astrologer will offer advice and remedies or actions that you can do now to make small manageable changes in your life to bring about positive changes.

Maybe, like Susan, a 32-year-old, working at a non-profit in Washington, D.C., you are feeling lonely and unappreciated in your job and looking for a road map.  

Susan was out drinking four or five times a week because she was feeling stuck. Consulting with an astrologer, Susan discovered that fortune bringing Jupiter would move into her zodiac sign of Leo in a year’s time and stay for one year.

She was advised that if she would clear out clutter in her life she would reap rewards. So, Susan spent the next year preparing for and making room for Jupiter in her life.

What did she do? She started staying home more, clearing out what she didn’t need, and she started cooking for herself, applying or jobs and going on more dates. She distanced herself from people that didn’t have good energy when she spent time with them and that “significantly helped.”

When Jupiter entered Leo in July 16, 2014, she was offered a new job and she met the man that she eventually married. According to Susan, her life changed dramatically and partly it was because she had a belief in something that made it happen but she followed what the astrologer advised so some of the changes are based on belief.

Jamie, a long-time client and student of Barry’s says that she turned to astrology when she was in despair after her mother was diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer, and the man she was in love with choose another woman and got entangled in a ‘business type engagement (to be married)’ because he liked the ‘lifestyle’ over love and her business started to tank.

She needed “someone to tell me that the future was going to be okay and that there’s a karmic reason for all of this madness! I needed a spiritual upliftment. I was looking for a reason for the struggle. A ‘why.’ My heartache was so raw, so palpable you could see me wearing it day after day and I needed to understand so I could fix it, and fix me. I couldn’t understand it. I’m a good person. I work really hard. I love – I’m peaceful and there’s no reason for me not to be successful. I felt that there had to be clues somewhere. I was missing something and as a seeker, a researcher, I’d done and tried most everything to get my life on track and I felt that the answers had to be in the stars. There had to be clues in my chart so I turned to Barry and I’ve been slowly able to turn my life around and gain positive perspective and take back my life. This isn’t hokey work. It’s inner-self work, it’s about really diving deep for me and taking back control, dropping my ego, seeking guidance that I could realistically – logically accept and follow and truly, now I’m going with the flow and ‘following the stars.’ I was a true skeptic at first – coming from a background in science and I wanted to test this astrology stuff out – it works and it’s changed my life for the better. I was at my rock-bottom and almost ready to check out – that’s how bad it was for me. Vedic astrology was my ‘last-ditch’ effort to seek understanding and it gave me back my power.

Do you feel stuck in some areas of your life?  

Are you looking for answers?  

Here’s What Barry’s Readings Can Offer You:  

1. Advice on Vocation or Career Direction 2. Timing of Medical Procedures 3. Questions Related to Health Astrology 4. Business Timing of Product Launches, Startups, Names, Contracts, Negotiations 5. Understanding Unconscious Motivations Driving You from Past Life Experiences 6. Learning What Drives Your Strengths and Weaknesses 7. Learning About Your Vulnerable “Blind Spots” 8. What Actions/Remedies You Can Do Now to Bring About Positive Life Changes 9. Timing to Buy a New House, Move, or Start a New Job 10. Learn How to Better Get Along with and Understand Your Partner (Romantic or Business Partner) 11. Learn What Types of Experiences Might be Amplified by Living in a Particular City i.e. Beneficial and Challenging 12. Learn How to Best Approach Difficulties Signified by Any Current Planetary Movements (Transits) 13. Learn How to Capitalize the Most on Opportunities Signified by Any Current Planetary Movements (Transits) 14. Learn About Special Timing of Financial Periods and Stocks/Commodities

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