Vedic Astro-Locality Consultation (Multiple People)


Astro-locality is the art of how our personal birth chart changes as we move from place to place. Depending on where you choose to live, Barry will reframe your local astrological map to a national, or world map, highlighting the different planetary energies that will enhance your life according to your preferences.

We can change some things by time and we can change some things by space. What is often not understood is that if you move far away enough from your place of birth, your ascendant may change completely altering some of the influence and house structures and karma. Consequently, it is possible to change your destiny from a bad chart or period and move to a better location that neutralizes or changes it in a more positive manner.

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If you have not done a natal chart with me or if we need to involve a couple and we need to look at two charts, it will involve much more time and I may have to charge more. Please contact me at for an estimate. It can be very complicated and is ideally done if you have places picked out to move rather than wondering where my life will work.

This option for an Astro-locality Consultation is for 2 or more people (family).

If you’re interested in having a Vedic Astro-Locality Consultation done, please complete the following Google Form:


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