And now for some good news!  The third day (Tritiya) of the waxing Moon in Vaishakha month – the only day when both Sun and Moon are exalted annually.

Akshaya means that which never ends. All over India people celebrate weddings, plan new business ventures, long journeys and other events on this day and buy gold, silver and other assets. It is a good time to begin what you want to be eternal.

The two legends about this date are both connected with Mahabharata. When Pandavas were in exile, Lord Krishna gave Draupadi a bowl called the Akshaya Pathram. Whatever food Draupadi put in this bowl, it never finished, so she could feed her family despite having few resources.

Ved Vyas, the great Rishi wrote many of the great books including Shrimad Bhaagvat. While writing the Mahabharata, Ved Vyasa realised that his thoughts were flowing faster than he could write. So on this auspicious Akshaya tritiya, He requested Ganesha to help him write. Ganesha put a condition to Ved Vyasa that he ( Ved Vyas) should not to stop his narration. Ved Vyas agreed to this only if Ganesha himself only write the shlokas if he understood them. So the great Rishi and his divine helper both gave us the great epic Mahabharatha.

This Vedic holiday is always ruled by Mars ruling Tithi 3 and for a good reason as Mars has the capacity to eradicate all the negativity from everyone’s lives. Mars is the son of the earth and rules our drive, initiative and most importantly our will power. In order for a person to be rid of his karmas indicated in the birth chart and make a conscious effort to steer his life in a different direction other than that indicated by the birth chart, the person has to exercise mars energy.” So Mars always rules this day and empowers us with his gifts today. Rohini Sakata Bedha is a problem until May 16th but today gets a get out of jail free.

On Akshaya tritiya, Panchanga need not be consulted as this day is so auspicious that it cancels all negative influences of difficult planets and yogas. Often this is a day chosen for beginning new projects. It is also an excellent day to get married.  Performing Vishnu Pooja and reciting the Vishnu Sahasranama Stotra (1008 names of Vishnu) are considered highly auspicious on this day for prosperity and progress.

It is a good day to begin study or writing as you get many spiritual benefits and special energy that allows you to process higher thoughts quickly.

Dana (donation) given today is said to give many results. you can feed the poor, do service to humanity, give to your favorite charity. Anna dana – feeding the poor is considered the best donation of all.

All thanks to Komilla Sutton for this wonderful write up.

Still time to sign up for my new course:  The Schools of Karma and Spiritual Astrology.

So I am very excited about new class starting Sunday, May 7th on Spiritual Astrology.

I am working on finalizing registration and have students in Malaysia and the Philippines signed up and while they are willing to do just the tape version, I may consider changing the time to accommodate the international audience.

Please let me know if you have an interest in the course.  There is a 14 minute introduction to it on You Tube if you do not understand the unique approach I am bringing to the course. I am making it simple enough for novices but very deep for seasoned veterans and it should even work well with people of a Western astrological background.

Course preview on You Tube:   Spiritual Astrology–Revised Curriculum




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