Sun  moved into the constellation of Orion, the warrior of the winter sky on June 8th (Taurus 23.20-Gemini 6.40). Its  symbol is the deer and there were 5 in my backyard this morning staring at me this morning.  Mrigishira is formed by three faint stars at the head of the constellation of Orion. The constellation is very spiritual and promotes moksha and spiritual liberation and inspires people to study religion and philosophy.   The shakti of Mrigishira is the “power to give fulfillment” so a good time to rub your genie’s lamp and ask for a boon.

Sun is very strong in this constellation and will be prone to intellectual and spiritual exploration particularly when Sun goes into Gemini on June 15th but there is also a sense of comfort here. Sun goes into Gemini June 15th where the shakti of the sign should bring out creativity particularly for writing and computer programming but you have to make sure not to stay idle.  Sun continues to move toward Mars in combustion and we will have to write an article about this but one has continue to stay rested and out of conflict and fights and find a way to express anger and stay out of trouble as this combustion peaks into July 26th and is not free until Sept. 15th.

Sun is currently in the 2nd pada (Taurus 26.40-30.0) is owned by Virgo which brings out the strategic, satirical and humorous side of the constellation and this ends June 15th when Sun goes into Gemini and get fallen in the Libra pada (Gemini 0-3.20) June 15-18.   Here low self-esteem and lack of confidence may dominate and the Sun is never happy changing signs in limbo and this will impact it June 14-15th.  We also get Saturn opposing the Sun June 15th exactly and that will impact most on June 17-18th so be careful opposing bosses, fighting with your children or getting into tangles with IRS agents or policeman and avoid speeding as you might get caught if you have this signature in your natal chart.

Life is always a coexistence of opposites as the deer symbol brings out the timid, light and fragile wandering qualities of this constellation which seem opposed to the warrior nature of Mars but in this sense, the greatest spiritual warrior heroes of the Ramayana and Gita, Hanuman and Arjuna, embody the constellation’s deep quest for liberation and getting to the truth of the matter. If your Sun, Moon or rising sign is in this constellation, it gives you a deep yearning for something greater in your life.

The deity of the constellation is Soma, connected to the Moon and the life and vital subtle forces that are created to manifest the physiological components of enlightenment.

The Sun is channeling Mars’s energy, and he is not happy in the sign of Gemini and in the constellation of Ardra where suffering can come up.  Leo rising will most feel this transit but in Gemini it is an 11th house transit and will bring gains.  Cancer rising will have the most trouble with this transit as it will disappear from the horizon and fail to shine

For now, enjoy the quest for Truth and something higher in this very pure constellation and my favorite of all, Orion, the spiritual warrior.

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