Fear will be up big-time during the solar eclipse and you have to remember its all irrational nonsense.  Saturn is very strong this week going stationary on August 25th and it can be very intense particularly on Wednesday when it squares the moon and then when it will be conjunct Saturn on August 30th.   That means the bogeyman fear is going to get you, right? Usually we deal with fear by drowning ourselves in food, abusive substances, sexual outlets, zoning out watch TV or movies, playing video games or even escaping to meditation. Does this serve us or numb us out?

When we turn on the television, the media is ranting and feeding our fear. Korea is going to fire missiles because of the war games.  The Yellowstone volcano is going to go off and wipe out the planet.   Trump is going to start a war.

Fear is a survival mechanism that protects us. Our parents taught us to be fearful so we would not talk to strangers or go to near the fire on the stove but how useful is fear in our mature years? That mechanism is still firing but are we not really taken care of? Those storms are never quite as bad as the media says and I find snow beautiful. Korea has been threatening us for years.   The world seems on edge but is it the media or a dark government on edge about losing their power to create war and strife in the world?

I have been trying to move beyond an astrology of fear lately. As a mundane astrologer, I could list all the hotspots of the year and many of them are this week with Mars at the end of debilitation and moving toward Rahu into August 25th and Saturn going  stationary direct.

But usually the worst I imagine does not happen and the world goes on and does not fall apart and I do not think 2017 will be a major catastrophic year when things will fall apart or even 2018 will be all that bad in the absurd ways that people are fearing. If you want to worry, maybe focus on 2019-20 when Jupiter is conjunct Saturn and Ketu and Pluto but that is taking us out of the joy and wonder that could happen in our lives this year or next year and who knows what will get resolved by 2019-20? I remember 1989 was a pivotal year for the world in the astrology but the Berlin wall came down peacefully and the Soviet Bloc crumbled peacefully and so maybe–just maybe–we can have a peaceful transition in 2019-20.

For those of you who like to live in the future and worry big, worry about 2031-2 when Saturn goes into Rohini, which is one of those apocalyptic transits that happen every 29 years and was running when 9/11 happened in 2001. But why worry about something 14 years away? The world will continue to exist somehow. God has a plan and even when the architect is razing a building, he knows and sees the beautiful new structure that will be created. Japan and Germany in 1945 were a mess but look what has emerged today and who would have seen that in 1945?

Look within. Is your survival mechanism misfiring too much? Is it serving you? Are you missing out on the small joys and wonders in the world? Playing with your kids or grandchildren? Enjoying the beauty of nature or art? Good politicians will come on go but will you be at peace. Having raved for 8 years at Bush/Cheney and finally realizing it was destroying my peace, I have decided to let go about Trump. Yes, take social action to create a better world but maybe it can be more effective and real in your community by volunteering to help the poor or the elderly. That is how we pacify Saturn and fear. Make a difference by donating to charity and do volunteer work and it will have more impact than rioting–which is a real threat this summer during the Mars debilitation in July and August.

As Saturn stays weak much of the year, we have to really observe our fear and move out of it or it will consume us. I suspect our irrational fearful mind is going to go into warp speed. We are going to have to make new choices. Do we buy into our irrational fears that the politicians are going to destroy our world or do we help others and enjoy the beauty of loving and caring for each other? Like Bill Murray in Ground Hog Day, do we learn to discover our spirituality and express our artistic beauty by sculpting ice statues or do we cower in fear watching CNN rant about the latest terrorist. We are here on this planet to discover deeper and more spiritual truths and become enlightened and awakened human beings, not to become paralyzed in fear and confusion by a media that is owned by corporate oligarchy that wants to control your mind or to become addicted to the feeds on our cell phone.

The mind tends to amplify the few bad things that happening in our world and make them seem like they are 100 times worse than they are.

Use every day to enjoy the precious things in life: take time to hug a loved one, enjoy a wonderful cooked dish and see beyond the doom and gloom. Yes, we have problems ahead but God has a plan, bigger and brighter than we can imagine. I will leave you with some lines of a closing poem I wrote about Saturn:

The purple dragon is guarding the gate.

His billowing flames

block the light —

and yet there are no flames.

Walk courageously through his mouth

into cool waterfalls of laughter.


You are safe.

You are forever safe

in the loving play of the universe.

like the hummingbird floating from comet to comet

rejoicing in the infinite supply of nectar

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