Mars  is winning  the planetary war with Mercury  from about 2 am  CDT on Sept 2nd  until about noon  on Sept 4th  so a good few days to hunker down if you are in a Mars/Mercury or Mercury/Mars period.   Geminis and Virgos are very vulnerable because Mars is winning the war. Still if you are Aries or Scorpio rising you still might feel tired and beat up from fighting too much.

The combination of Mercury and Mars can bring up disputes and arguments so remember not to argue in the car and pullover if something starts and drive carefully and watch out for the other guy Sept 2-4th  during the most intense part of that transit.  Drive carefully. Be alert for the other guy.

Mars/Mercury causes us to get caught up thinking in our head and hashing over things that people have said and that prevents us from being alert (Mars) and then problems happen.  So focus on one thing at a time. If you are driving, do not talk on your cell phone and multi-task. Stay focused.  If you are exercising or in physical activity, be 100 percent.

The larger issue is that Mars/Mercury planetary war is happening at the point of the eclipse  Sept. 4-5th as Mercury goes stationary direct on Sept. 5th at 7:30 am Eastern Daylight Time.  The eclipse point will trigger Mars and Mercury problems which could be disputes, violence, wild explosions or fires and North Korea has already tested a new nuclear war head over the weekend in violation of world outcry and sanctions. Lets hope for cooler heads over the weekend but something big may happen and we always fear terrorism with this signature.

Make sure your computers are backed up, that electronic equipment is protected from power surges and that you are not careless to leave the stove on.  Watch out for the other guy while you are driving.  Do the Warrior Pose in Yoga to stimulate the 3rd eye and alertness of the warrior so he is ready for anything.

So go easy, slow, be safe and spend a quiet holiday weekend.

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In ancient times there was a deeper connection between Ayurvedic diagnosis, natal chart readings and prescriptions of asanas for planetary afflictions.

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ASTRO-YOGA WEBINAR: Planets, Poses and Healing

Videotape Special with Barry Rosen: $29.95 (special through SEPT 5TH)

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