The planets are schools and teachers that set up karmic circumstances so that we can do it better this time. Its like Bill Murray in the 1993 movie, Ground Hog Day.  Will he learn kindness and compassion this time or continue to wake-up the same grumpy old weatherman who treats people terribly?

I often get people waiting for their next big cycle to start. It will be better when my Jupiter period comes and when I leave Rahu. If I can just get out of my Ketu period, then my life will get better.  Many times this is years and it is usually not as expected.  There are rare charts and rare periods where everything is working on all cylinders.  Life is rather mixed.  Relationships may work in one period but health and work are challenged.  Life is so often a complicated mix and you can see this in the Varga or divisional chart where Jupiter period may shine with a strong placement in the D-10 or career chart but relationships may not work.

More importantly we can not live our lives waiting for something to get better in the future.  We have to make changes in the present and be a better person, do the right thing, and not make the same mistakes.  The transits will repeat every year or so to test us and see if we have risen to the occasion to make new choices and create a better life.  Yes its nice to have nice transits but the malefics are also our friends and they force us to learn difficult lessons.  Everyone fears Saturn because he teaches responsibility, discipline,  hard work and endurance and stablity in the midst of suffering.  Of course we would rather party all the time and seek pleasure with Venus but if you go on vacation and meet people who are wealthy and drink all day on the beach and if you really get to know them, their lives are often rather empty.  When you meet people who have gone through a lot of Saturn events, they have great depth and there is something alive and fresh and real and authentic about them. Suffering builds character and makes us the great people that we are.

People often think that yagyas and mantras are magic bullets that will solve all their problems.   They can help very much but they mostly loosen the grip on our mind so that we can take action and move through our issues — but we have to take action to create a better life for ourselves.  We still have to make those tough choices and we can create new good karma for the future by helping others and tithing and this is essential.

So embrace your Sade Sat, your Saturn period, your Rahu and your Mar and Ketu and realize they are your good friends. They are the tough coaches at school that are molding you into a successful athlete that will pay dividends down the road. Live in the present moment and enjoy whatever the planetary gifts that are there. There are always gifts and sometimes we have to dig deeply to see that but the gifts are there.

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