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Mars moved into the constellation of Chitra on Nov. 20th which is one of the constellations of the zodiac commonly know as Spica which lies in Virgo between 23.20 degrees and Libra 6.40 degrees.  It will stay there until the Dec 10th . Chitra is one of the more material constellations and spans the end of Virgo into the beginning of Libra.  Chitra means brilliant or many-colored or illusionary.  Its symbol is a shining jewel or a pearl representing the mysterious creativity of the universe that can transform a grain of sand into a gem and work of art out of nothing.

The constellation is ruled by Tvastar, the celestial architect also know as Vishwakarma, the creation worker.  His role is to create maya or the illusionary force of the drama of life. He is the grand illusion maker creating delightful things but has no attachment to what he creates, much  like modern scientists and technicians and engineers who fashion great devices that sometimes are used by the ruling elite or politicians in the wrong way.

Mars is in its own constellation here in transit may get caught in its more material manifestation and be more more concerned with weapons than its dharma to defend and protect.   The Pentagon will likely increase their desire for military spending despite an inflated budget and potential weapon buying may increase fanned by Saturn in Sagittarius as fear of terrorists may get fueled.

Still leadership energy and active planning will prosper–particularly in Virgo transit which goes on until Nov. 28th. Mars goes into Libra on Nov. 29th for six weeks until Jan. 16th.   Mars is still afflicted by its exchange of houses with Mercury until Nov. 22nd but still receives a wide aspect from Saturn in Sagittarius but it rather insignificant with Saturn at 3 degrees and Mars at the end of the sign.   The best part of the transit is through Nov. 28th and Scorpios continue to benefit from an 11th house transit but it is thought that most planets do not do well at the end of the sign so Nov. 26-28th maybe a bit more stressful.

With Venus moving into Scorpio, a sign ruled by Mars and Mars into Libra on Nov 28th we will have a Parivartana Yoga or exchange of signs and this will negatively impact Mars in Chitra for most rising signs and we will have write more about this later but passion and tension in relationship will rise as Mars and Venus are enemies and their lustier and more combative energies will come out.   Capricorn and Capricorn  may benefit from gains in career with an exchange between the 10th and 11th and Aquarius  will also do well with career and status with an exchange between the 9th and 10th possible foreign travel for work.  Cancer will do better with an exchange between the 4th and the 5th.  Other rising signs may be more challenged.

The constellation reminds us of the inventive energy found in part of Aquarius and in particular in  the Virgo section of Chitra. It is concerned with the intricate workings of things and how things work.  The country of Japan is governed by this constellation and and you can see how their artistic/ scientific mind is always a work creating new technology and gadgets. This constellation asks the question: “why does it work this way” and how can I utilize it to create magic in the material world.

People born with Sun, Moon or ascendant in this constellation are passionate, creative, hard-working, efficient but if Mars, the ruler of the constellation is afflicted, people may become blind or obsessive to the deeper spiritual meaning of existence and get caught up in life’s maya.  If Mars is not strong in their chart they may be more lazy; they are often great scholars and are often eccentric and are difficult to understand.   People born under this constellation make great architects, sculptors and are connected to the farming/agricultural  caste and Virgo.  They tend to be more a part of society that serve the ruling classes and are financed by them and they need patrons to support their artistic ventures.

So a good time for engineers and architects and inventors and technology to be more creative and a boon for weapons and defensive manufactures but with Venus in Libra stay on top of your passions and luckily women are speaking out about predatory advances.

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