Multiple planetary transits the next few days as Mercury went  into Sagittarius on Nov. 24th and moves toward conjunction with Saturn, Venus into Scorpio on Nov. 26th and Mars into Libra on Nov. 29th.  Saturn finally gets happier by Nov. 28th as it moves out the early degrees of Sagittarius.

Mercury stays in Sagittarius until Dec. 10th but because it goes retrograde on Dec. 3rd it will end up back in Scorpio Dec. 10-January 6th.  Mercury is afflicted by Saturn as we wrote yesterday with the conjunction into Nov. 28th and Dec. 6th. The 9th natural sign of the zodiac, Sagittarius,  brings lessons around belief, dogma and blind faith.  The shakti of Sagittarius is that planets placed here show dogmas and  rules but will bring luck if we follow our dharma and will bestow deep wisdom if we can follow our path and purpose.

Mercury afflicted in Sagittarius may lack judgment and be too optimistic but luckily Saturn will try to ground Mercury with a reality check.  Making decisions may go slowly the next few weeks as we outlined yesterday.  Still Mercury in Sagittarius can be a know-it-all and unreliable and create hip problems and Mercury with Saturn may have some problems breathing.  In January when Mercury gets by Saturn by 5 degrees after Jan. 17th, the stronger energy of Mercury in Sagittarius may come out with refined thinking, love learning, eloquent and wise writing  and excellent teaching.  We will write about Mercury retrograde next week as we get closer to Dec. 3rd.  Unfortunately it is a bad one because of the conjunction with Saturn and the retrograde back into Scorpio so get an early start on buying holiday gifts so they delivered on time.  At least it will uplifted by its friend Venus in Scorpio as they move toward conjunction into Dec. 15th bringing eloquence in writing communication and speech.    Geminis and Virgos and Sagittarius rising will be most impacted by Mercury in Sagittarius with Geminis having challenges with relationship and Virgos having challenges with home and vehicles.  END OF PART 1


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Venus goes into Scorpio on Sunday, Nov. 26th-Dec. 20th. The transit is also afflicted as Venus will be exchanging signs with Mars in Libra starting on Nov. 29th.   Exchanging sign is almost like a conjunction so afflicted Venus in Scorpio can lead to high passions turning into arguments, relationships breaking and fraught with discord, wild swings between sweetness and anger, jealousy,  being a bit selfish and lack of social elegance.   Western astrologers think that the exchange benefits each other by bringing in positive energy of each other’s signs and my experience is there is partial truth to that so we will get to continue some of Venus in Libra energy and get a preview of Mars in Scorpio energy but my experience is that is minor. Vedic astrologers focus the houses involved.   The following rising signs benefit more the exchange because of the houses involved:  Libra, with an exchange of 1st and 2nd houses, Capricorn and Aquarius rising because of an exchange  of 10th and 11th houses and 9th and 10th house elevating status or foreign travel in career and Cancer rising because of an exchange of houses between the 4th and 5th support home and family life and recreation.  The rest of the rising signs are more troubled so see Alan Annand great book on Parivartana Yoga to look up your individual case.  Again if you have that exchange between Libra and Scorpio in your natal chart, it will be activated in transit.

If we see Scorpio in any part of a chart, it is connected to the 8th sign of the zodiac and deep past life karma which can bring deep suffering to one’s life. Planets placed in Scorpio may experience deep cruelty from the darker side of Mars and may seem rather fallen.  Scorpio is co-owned by Ketu, the mystical headless wonder that takes us toward enlightenment and the key in Scorpio is finding spirituality and transformation to transform that dark energy.

Mars opposes Uranus  between Aries and Libra, two moveable signs on Dec. 1st and it may be most felt on Tuesdays  Nov. 28th and Dec. 5th so be careful with traveling and be focus on vigilant driving if you are Aries or Scorpio or Libra Rising which will be most impacted.  On a personal level, this transit can lead an explosive release of anger or tension if you repress anger but on a positive side it can help release you and free you from inhibiting restrictions, create new directions in your life that may create freedom. Go with the energy that wants to free your from life’s restrictions and if not the suppressed energy could be released in a destructive manner.    For mundane astrology this aspect is often a signature for Earthquakes but we do not have time to see what countries may be most effected and there is no reason to get caught in fear but just a need to help those areas that might suffer.

Saturn moves into the Taurus section of Sagittarius on Nov. 28th and out of the troubled Aries section (Sagittarius 0-3.20).  We have been waiting for this transit for months to relieve some of the Saturn tension which has been afflicted us for almost 11 months so a big sigh of relief here for deeper suffering and worries and rushing around too much which has created anxiety.  This transit was first experienced March-May 2017 so depending how it impacts your natal chart, some of that energy will be repeated again. This section of Sagittarius is operating until Dec. 27th and it supports planting of spiritual roots so a good time to take up new spiritual practice. Saturn here will be more self-controlled, service-orientated, reserved, enjoying work and economical moderation.

Have a great week. I may not be writing as much as I am traveling to Sedona on Nov 28th for the Vedic Astrology Conference Nov 30-Dec. 3rd.   Will have wonderful things to bring back.

Have a happy holiday.

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The Astrology of Alternative Sexuality and Gay Relationships

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Barry Rosen has been practicing Vedic astrology since 1987. He has visited and studied in India on 4 occasions and has spoken numerous times at the American Council of Vedic Astrology Conferences in Sedona, AZ  since 1999 and also the British Association of Vedic Astrologers in London since 2006. He has been involved in Vedic culture since 1973 and is a long-time meditation and yoga teacher and a published poet.

Recently, he has been pioneering research in other areas of Vedic astrology including Vedic astro-locality, the effects your current physical location have on your chart, connecting astrology to hatha yoga for therapeutic purposes and developing transformational healing work to move through karma and the spiritual dimensions of Vedic astrology.  He is a neo-Vedic astrologer and  uses the outer planets.  He is particularly interested in Jaimni astrology and the soul’s journey through the physical world and its karma and purpose and has taken live seminars in London with Sanjay Rath.



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