I have personally been going through a lot of physical and emotional challenges and when I talk to my friends, I am hearing great distress also.  Flu season is taking people out and we had warned in Dec. to stay on top of your immune system with the Sun/Saturn conjunction in late Dec at the winter equinox which has lead to a lot of illness.  Mars is weak in degrees and weak in the D-9 chart until Jan. 22nd and that is bringing low energy and flare-ups of anger.  New moon energy from Jan. 16th is still keep things a bit low.  At least the Kala Sarpa yoga in transit has lifted as the Moon is just past Ketu this morning and will only give us a few more days Jan. 31-Feb. 3rd when the Moon moves past Rahu.  The Sun combustion is causing problems for Libras and Taurus rising and creating an edge of anger and despondency and jealousy and just low energy. .

Still when I talk to people many of us  many people have been  emotionally and mentally on edge the last few weeks.   We think by Tuesday, Jan. 22nd,  a lot will pick up with the Sun moving into the constellation of Vega (Capricorn 6-11) where it gets a big creative lift to help us into the New Year.


Mercury has not quite let up still being too close to Saturn but at least is in a new nakshatra of Purva Ashadha (Sagittarius 13.20-26.40) where it at least channels Venus’s energy but Venus could be happier but will not pick up until it gets away from the Sun.

Still if we search deeply there is a underlying core of well being there that we have to grasp onto and it is there with Jupiter feeling happy in Libra and Mars moving in its own sign of Scorpio finally  and will be very strong starting Monday.   a We have to tap into that core and not buy into the mental worries of the mind and the core anxiety that Saturn will continue to cause in Mula nakshatra (Sagittarius 0-13.20) until March 3rd–and it is just doing its job.

If you are challenged, we have to reach to Pluto and surrender and Divine will.  Fighting “what is” and saying it shouldn’t be this way plagues the mind and cause our current discomfort.  We do not have to keep going through what we are going through. Surrender is the key. Once you surrender to the ineffable and once you take it upon yourself to rely on the grace of God, then you have a chance to be free. It does take a shift of the mind and doing enough meditation practice so that we can reach back and find that Lightness of Being.  If we do not go there we are going to get gripped by Saturn’s grumbling and complaining.

Let go of the baggage.  What will be. Find the those unbearable moments of lightness and love to fall back on or you will be doomed to the gnawing and complaining mind.  Find the sweetness of Venus and trust in the Divine which is strong in Jupiter now while they are there to give us light this month as September looks more challenging.

Wishing you all joy and blessings in the midst of your suffering and may the Divine come to you in this great time of need.

Again, charts are very individual and we do not ever want to stereotype people by sign but sometimes its a way of putting one’s finger right away on a core problem for the person’s entire life.

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