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Editor’s Note: I would like to introduce a gifted astrologer and writer from Pakistan, Imrana Malik. Please enjoy her columns Celestial Guidance on  Facebook at : 

The planet of karma Saturn has entered in the last pada of Mula nakshatra…… in Cancer navamsha and will stay there till March 2nd, 2018.  As now we all know that Mula nakshatra falls in the dharmic sign of Sagittarius and is ruled by the planet Ketu.  This star is connected  with deep investigation.  Ketu is a moksha karaka planet and here in Mula nakshatra it deals with the past issues that are mostly secretive in nature or are hidden from our eyes and buried deep, so we have to go deep to find the truth.

As it is ruled by the goddess of Kali……who is often depicted as chopping off the heads of the demons, it symbolizes  the need to open our eyes to the ignorant behavior of ours towards life in general, address our core belief systems and moral values and cut our cords with worldly desires that are destructive in nature.  So it is a bringer of death and chaos. It will bring out what we can least expect.  But this nakshatra is not only  just associated with destruction and calamities but is a healing nakshatra too. We can heal ourselves here.But as you know nothing comes for free.  The price we pay here is usually very high.

Enlightenment always comes after we have gone through some sort of storms in our lives. These storms clear the way for the change to come. So get yourself prepared to welcome and embrace the change with the belief that it will be good for you in the long run. Though it will take time to accept the bitter truth/reality that will emerge suddenly.

Ketu can act on both lower and higher plane depending upon the functioning of our mind. If functioning on lower plane can cause confusions and illusions and ultimately we become prone of committing silly mistakes about which we will regret later. But if it is working on higher plane (when we surrender everything to God,s will), it clears all the illusions from our mind and provides us with intuitive wisdom and alleviate us high on spiritual level. Rahu and Ketu are the projectors of our mind. Its up to us how we handle them.Ketu can act like an angel and removes all the illusions if we proceed on the path of moksha…..breaking all the chains that keep ourselves engaged in material desires and worldly achievements and can act like a demon if we disregard the spiritual path.It helps its devotees in need in sudden magical ways.

Reversal of fortune is related with this nakshatra. The Devta of Ketu is lord Ganesha who is remover of all the obstacles.It is a guardian of Muladhara chakra (base chakra) that resides at the base of spine. Both Ketu and Mula are connected with this chakra.   It is very important to get entry past this chakra if you want to move on spiritual path.  Kundalini or potential spiritual energy lies here. When kundalini energy is awakened we get access to the power of lord Ganesha.Follow meditative techniques to activate this energy because it will help us on our spiritual journey.

Saturn entered in this nakshatra on Oct. 26, 2017. Now it has entered in its last pada of Cancer navamsha.  The flow of energy has been different in each pada. Things that have been on hold will suddenly be brought to closure.  With Ketu everything is sudden and since Saturn is here so enlightenment will come with a very heavy cost.

Ketu and Saturn both are separative planets.  Mula and Saturn both are linked with air element and Ketu is a fiery planet.  Air and fire energy in fiery sign Sagittarius the 9th house of kundali can bring about sad news of mass calamities.  Fire and air is explosive.  So will get the results quickly. Flow of energy has been different in each pada.  But now both Saturn in Mula and Ketu in Shravana and they have joined hands in the navamsha of Cancer.

Cancer sign is ruled by Moon.Its a very emotional and sensitive sign.  Presence of Ketu and Saturn here will bring out the turbulent side of emotions.  An agitated state of Mula will come out here. With Ketu everything is sudden and with Saturn mostly chaotic.  Ketu and  Saturn associations will bring sudden explosive news that will be emotionally turbulent in nature and will effect our sense of security and emotional stability.  We need to control our emotional reactions.Be patient let this phase pass.

Rahu is a giver and Ketu is where we get the pain.  Rahu is our obsessive mentality and is placed opposite to Saturn/Ketu in navamsha.  If we don’t open our eyes to the reality and follow the spiritual path no one will save us from the irreparable loss/pain caused by Rahu.

From Feb. 6th until  Feb. 13th,.  Mars will be vargottama.Vargottama planet gain strength because there is a good flow of energy from soul( navamsha D9) to this life-time (lagna D1).

Mars’s energy in the 8th house of death and calamities aspected by malefic planet Rahu from Cancer can cause sudden chaos. Don’t take any hasty and impulsive action just because you hear d any bad news and are feeling insecure.  Avoid exercising control on others.  Better to control your emotional responses.  Don’t over react out of the fear of probable loss.  Just calm your mind and accept whatever comes out.Stop playing control control.

Sun will enter in DHANISHTHA nakshatra on Feb. 6th,a star of abundance, fame, wealth,  and worldly attainment.  It combines the energies of Saturn, Mars and Sun.  Sun’s placement here in Capricorn in 10th house of status and power in his friendly nakshatra will give boost to those enlightened souls who have been following Ketu,s path by being humble and modest and adapted well with the energies of shravana from the last month.  They will reap the reward now provided they don’t exercise bossy behavior on others and by being egoistic.

Mercury is heading toward Ketu.  It will bring quick shifts in our thinking with spiritual undertone for those enlightened souls who have been following whole-heatedly cosmic energies for a long time and for others confusion and loss of direction. On mundane level with Saturn and Ketu combo in Cancer navamsha, vargottama Mars aspected by Rahu, and the Mercury conjunction with Ketu in Shravana nakshatra, the media may bring out some secret news  of some mass calamities around the globe.

In short many will fall from grace and many will rise up.  Ketu can do anything.  It will be a period of endings for many and start of a new beginning for others. Everyone will reap what they sow.  Justice will be done to all.

Since Cancer is a feminine sign and is psychic, intuitive, reflective,  nurturing and healing in nature so Saturn in this pada can bring out the female healers out of hiding and into the light. Rahu’s placement in Cancer will expose many so called fake gurus too pretending to be spiritual healers.  There will be sudden storm in calm water of Cancer.  Everyone will get punished or rewarded as per one’s past karma.

Imrana Malik
5th February,2018.

Please enjoy her columns Celestial Guidance on  Facebook at : 

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