February 15, 2018

  Peak Time 20:51 GMT

Begins 18:55 GMT; Ends 22:47 GMT

It is visible in Chile, Argentina, southern Brazil, Uruguay, Falkland Islands, Antarctica.

Eclipses are good for meditation and that is the best way to spend time during an eclipse as the meditations can be deeper. Outwardly the emotions and mind get a bit frazzled so never a good time to make major decisions during an eclipse. I usually do laundry or clean or meditate to pass the time.  Digestion can be affected so doing a fast 2-3 hours before and after helps avoid digestion problems.  This is particularly true of Solar eclipses with the Sun so connected to the solar plexus and the stomach. 

If you are Leo rising or Aquarius  rising, you will notice the impact most. The eclipse is happening at 4 degrees Aquarius   so if you have your ascendant or Sun or key planets there within 2-3 degree a there within a few degrees, it will also have a huge impact.  So if you birthday is Feb. 15-18th it may impact your life especially if you are running a Sun/Rahu or Rahu/Sun or Rahu/Moon or Moon/Rahu period  or some combination like that it may have a more manifest impact.  Remember not to be fearful as eclipses transform dark and hidden parts of yourself  and are really only a direct hit to your chart if you have a natal planet within 1 degree of 4 degrees Aquarius and you are running a difficult period. 

Eclipses reveal our shadow side and we usually get secrets and scandals coming out after eclipses months after an eclipse and sometimes they can have delayed effects and have an impact for 6 months if the eclipse hits a key point on your chart.  

The eclipse is happening in the sign of Aquarius which is the natural 11th house of the zodiac connected to technology, invention, groups, humanitarian causes. It is a challenging sign of the zodiac as  it is connected to Saturn and Rahu and the eclipse could increase anxiety in tension wherever Aquarius falls in your natal chart.   There can be feelings of confusion and paranoia and deception so remember not to pay attention to weird thoughts during or after the eclipse as they are often very unreal.  

Although, the nodes are in Cancer and Capricorn, a partial eclipse is possible in an adjacent signs.  This is a minor solar eclipse and it is not impacting the United States like the major solar eclipse that we experienced last August and it will impact Argentina and South Brazil most if you live there.   It is hitting 4 Aquarius in the Sidereal zodiac zodiac and 27 Aquarius in the Tropical zodiac and so it will be impacting the natal planets and charts of the following countries:

The US moon at 7 degrees in July 4, 1776 chart within 3 degrees.

The Natal Mars of the 1922 UK Chart when Ireland broke-away.

The United Arab Emirates

Venezuela 1830 Chart

Greece, Dominican Republic, OPEC  and Ukraine.

Look for some of these countries to be in the news  in a big  way next week and over the coming months as eclipses can have an impact for 6 months.

Aquarius is a fixed sign so this eclipse could disrupt national trade, functioning of government, have a negative impact on crops, and create upheavals in political affairs. Eclipses taking place in air signs cause disturbances in weather patterns, sickness, famine and strained relationships with nations and political disruption.

Aquarius also represents humanitarian issues, technology, bio-medicine and healing. Mercury transits this eclipse degree the day after the eclipse occurs so Mercury related affairs such as writing and the media might be largely impacted.  

This eclipse is also occurring in the month of Magha, on a Thursday, in an air sign and a fixed sign. With this eclipse hitting South America where wheat and corn and beans are grown, there could be an impact.  The eclipse is thought to impact oil seeds so soybean oil is likely to show an increase within 1.5 months of the eclipse. 

Overall, not to worry. Eclipse are part of the Divine plan and bring up difficult areas of our life and our shadowy psychology to the surface to heal. 


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