There are three points of wealth in your chart, the Yogi Point, the Part of Fortune and the Sri Lagna.  Wealth is more than physical money as we have discussed in previous articles on the eight aspects of Lakshmi which include courage, success, the ability to manifest your desire, knowledge of your inner source and health.

See: (https://www.appliedvedicastrology.com/focus-nine-days-lakshmi-eight-aspects-wealth/

Many computer programs will calculate these for you like Sri Jyoti Star 7 and most of you would be bored if talked about the mathematics of calculating these by hand.  (Note: Not all software will calculate this quickly changing lagna accurately so get a reliable software.)

The Sri Lagna:   Parashara, the Maharishi of Astrology,  in the BPHS discusses alternative lagnas and one of them the Sri Lagna.  Sri is a name for Lakshmi and is calculated based upon the degrees of the moon from the lagna and its placement in your chart reveals where Lakshmi is placed in your chart.  The Sri Lagna shows the level of comfort our prosperity is giving to us in life. An exalted or debilitated owner of the Sri Lagna will endow one with wealth.  Planets conjunct the Sri Lagna will give wealth and this can be calculated using one of the alternative dashas called Sudasha.

The Sign that the Sri Lagna is in will show wealth status in life. A planet placed in its own sign will show upper class status and a planet in a friend’s sign will show middle class status and placed in an enemy’s sign will be more challenging. For Bill Gates,  (10/28/1955, 21:00, Seattle, WA), his Sri Lagna is in Aries and Mars the lord of the Sri Lagna is having a strong aspect to the ascendent by Rashi Drishti or (aspects by sign)

Planets conjunct the Sri Lagna will impact wealth and status.  A malefic conjunct the Sri Lagna will show blockages to comfort in life. So if Mars is negatively impacting the the Sri Lagna then one may need to donate to Veterans or policemen or firefighters on a Tuesday to release the blockages to the Sri Lagna. People always want something from Lakshmi but what are they willing to give back?  The house, sign, planet and their lords conjoined the Sri Lagna will suggest what is needed to give back in order to release wealth.

So in my chart I have Sri Lagna at 6.8 degrees Leo  in my 10th house and there is a connection to Jupiter with Sun in Pisces in the 5th house.  So supporting children, Gurus, spiritual organizations and 10th house organizations like Junior Achievement that teach youth success in business are one way for me to unlock more wealth in my chart. Someone with the SL in Libra in the 9th might donate to female Gurus or female goddess temples to unlock the Sri Lagna and if the Sudasha (also called Su/Shri/Lagna Kendradi of Libra were running, it would have a very profound impact as the tailwind from the supportive wealth dasha is running.

In Part 4, I will discuss the Part of Fortune which is derived from Arabic Astrology.

Special thanks to Freedom Cole, Sanjay Rath and all my Jyotish Gurus for their insights into this material.

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