Ketu moved retrograde into the constellation of Uttara Ashadha on August 30th in the mean node system and stays there until May 8th.  The Shakti of this constellation ruled by the Sun is to give unchallenged victory and tends to give a humanitarian vision of seeing all races as equal. It consists of two stars in the breast of the archer in Sagittarius and extends into Capricorn and embodies the spirit of victory over the lower nature and expression of the higher one and is a very spiritual energy that is connected to unfolding new talents on the spiritual journey inward.

Ketu is friends with the Sun and is on good terms with this energy but the nature of Capricorn and the material world still puts its at odds with trying to connect with spiritual things in its quest for moksha.  The tendency of this transit may push you to more meditation and into more spiritual retreats and can bring out some loneliness even when you are among  friends and family. The key is to remember this is a past life loneliness from lifetimes of deep meditation. You need to find a way to balance your quest for moksha and being in the world with this transit and it is always like riding a bicycle.

The 4th Pada (Capricorn 6.40-10.00)  know as Vega in the West is very auspicious and is know as Abhijit  and all planets prosper here. Ketu is in the 4th  pada until Nov. 1st in the mean node system and so this is a very satvic time for the soul’s development  and for spirituality. Good time to start meditation, spiritual practices and creating spiritual development.  Make sure to get out into your community to combat loneliness and recognize that any deep sadness is just unfolding of the past.   The 3rd Pada (Capricorn 3.20-6.40) Nov. 1-Jan. 3rd in the mean node system is connected to Aquarius and will inspire humanitarian effort to unite the race. In the world, more concerns for migrants may come to the forefront and to solving their problems.  Still this huge refugee crisis in the world is not going to go away easily but possible progress in the late fall and early winter.

The 2nd pada (Capricorn 0.00-3.20) Jan. 3-March 6th in the mean node system is very powerful and will support material responsibility and create more conflict with the material world as Ketu is at odds in Capricorn between business and material pursuit.   Ketu retrogrades into Sagittarius on March 3rd and stays in this constellation until May 6th.

The problem with the first pada is that it will be very close to Saturn for months most until Nov 2019 and this conjunction forces people to be practical and face reality. If you are wandering in your life spiritual, you may be forced to wake up and embrace the material world.  Sudden pressures and unexpected events may develop and create disruption.   There is a very serious conflict between the real world and spiritual desires to leave it.  A major life crisis can develop for Capricorn and Aquarius and Scorpio and Sagittarius rising in particular and Gemini and you may be forced to reassess your life and all your responsibilities.   Saturn/Ketu energies are difficult and can create weird spiritual energies and a sense of the subtle planes of existence, so stay grounded in your body if you are too clairvoyant and sensitive to such energies. This may be a huge problem between March 2019-Nov. 2019.

The energy of Uttarashada Nakshatra is powerful for success but can be a bit brutal at times. It can create dogged determination to achieve from the Saturn energy through March 6th but this is at odds with Ketu’s desire to leave the world and meditate and find God.  At times there will be a self-centered and stubborn energy and workaholic energy that may be harsh toward others and lead to brooding, bitterness and loneliness.  Make sure you combat it but joining new social groups and being in the world.   Strong sexual energy may come up and be at odds with a strong desire for moksha and meditation.  Find a way to balance it.

On the mundane level, the energy should increase social activism and fighting for humanitarian causes. There are two sides to this. It is so hard to fight city hall and encrusted politicians and this can lead to frustration so volunteer for charitable groups that make a difference rather than railing and getting violent in the streets. This rarely ends well.

Overall this is a powerful time for spiritual growth and integrating into the real world so heed the call and find a way to lead 200% of life, both spiritual and material as they both feed each other and are necessary.

Special thanks to Komilla Sutton and Prash Trivedi for their deep insights on this constellation.

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