Saturn conjunct Ketu March 6, 2019-Nov. 15 2019 within 5 degrees. 

You are going to be hearing about Saturn conjunct Ketu most of next year as the two planets will be within 5 degrees of each other from March-November 2019 and often within 1-2 degrees for many months.

Ketu, that funny headless mystical guy know in Western astrology as the South node of the moon, tends to take away the material world to point us toward liberation and enlighten us. In the mean node system he has entered Sagittarius and in the True Node system will be there by March 23rd.  Ketu in Sagittarius can create more religious fanaticism when afflicted and we already saw the tragedy in Christchurch, NZ and unfortunately more will come.

Saturn/Ketu connections require us to test our patience and go with the flow of delays.  With the affliction this year, we have to ready for my chaotic and scattered and fragmented activity and watch out for fanatical pursuits of ideas and projects and not getting too obsessed about anything or it will throw us out of balance. We could get so lost in the details of some small project that we loose the big picture.  As the conjunction gets closer, we have to be prepared for things to fall apart at the seams or starting off well and then falling apart. This can create a lot of frustration and require deep patience so  your mantra through October has to be, it ok, it will happen, I need to be patient and go slowly and be open to delays and its ok.  Otherwise you may end up with foam in your mouth.

Since Ketu is like Mars, Saturn is one of its greatest enemies. They both are there to guide you toward your spiritual path but can create hard lessons. Saturn separates, and Ketu renounces and Ketu forces us to revisit the past and  take responsibility for our past karma and do the right thing. In the 12 Step Programs, they are fond of saying, “clean up your own messes.” This is a time to re-address people that you have hurt in the past and clean up your karma, to repay debts and to learn the hard lessons of responsibility.

Sometimes there is someone that we had an argument 20 years ago and we have not talked to since then and it festers in our mind like an old wound and blocks our joy from being expressed. This is time to clean up those messes and reach out your hand first and say you are story. Get over the Aries stubbornness of wanting to be right and reach out and say you are sorry.

I have done this, and it is very powerful. Chances are the other person has forgotten or is just as stubborn and will be happy to clear the air. It is particularly powerful with parents and siblings. Why hold onto the past hurts? Even if you are right, clearing the air will free your mind and allow you not to be haunted with regrets. If you owe some old debt, this is a time to work hard and pay it back.
Saturn keeps us anchored in the material world and being responsible, so we are going to have to bear down and learn those lessons. Saturn and Ketu are both wanderers so there may be a tendency to want to run away to an ashram or live abroad to flee the pain of the past, but this transit is beckoning us to clean it up.

The aspect fosters Viragya or disillusionment and detachment. This is often misunderstood and in its highest understanding it is not about escaping the material world for meditation but learning not to be upset and thrown by the winds of change when material existence throws you a curve. It means staying centered in Being and recognizing the ever-changing nature of the physical world when the winds of change hit. One has to find spiritual equanimity or feel suffering.

With Saturn so close to Ketu most of 2019, we are going to have to balance the material and spiritual life. The support will be there from Jupiter as both are in Sagittarius but Jupiter will be 12th houses away making the whole experience ineffable and hard to figure out.

The energy of Saturn/Ketu can sometimes create pessimism and lethargy and it forces us to work hard and be mindful of depressive tendencies in order to move through. Again, initiation onto a spiritual path will lighten this transit, as without a spiritual path, you may find yourself suffering or mired in tragedy or if staying stuck in gloominess, selfishness or fundamentalism. The trick is to let go of the old and the old ways and to accept change and the new of way of doing things. I

Special thanks to my teacher Komilla Sutton and all my Jyotish Gurus and spiritual gurus for their wisdom and continual inspiration.

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