Expect intermittent emotional grunge the next days but many positives.  Friday is clearer with the ruler of the day, Venus strong in Pisces and giving support to relationship, the arts and having fun going into the weekend and Sunday, ruled by the Sun has an exalted Sun to support worship and confidence and general health.  Saturday is trickier as it is ruled by Saturn which is still close to Ketu and it is a new moon so low energy day and an important day to rest, catch up on chores and hang loose. Remember extra meditation and exercise will help you get through emotional grunge.

Geminis and Virgos will be in  transition with Mercury going into Aries today and in the emotional knot at the end of Pisces and the beginning of Aries.  Mercury moves quickly so you will get through it but still have to deal with the argumentative energy of Aries.  Quick wit may come back and find some time for humor to remedy the situation if it feels emotional heavy.  Stay out of fighting and debating.

Jupiter is still on edge until Monday as it is at the end of Scorpio.  Retrograde benefics are more powerful to do good and Scorpios and Taurus and Cancer will get a lift once Jupiter gets out of the emotional knot between 29.20-29.59 Scorpio.    Sagittarius rising is still going to have to deal with expenses and do more service work with the 12th house transit and Pisces will get some spiritual uplifitment.

New Moon in Aries on Saturday at 6:46 pm EDT  is symbolic of new beginnings and as we approach May 7th when the Sun and Moon are both exalted for an auspicious time to make donations and for fulfillment of your desires for projects started then, its time to carefully plan how to use that energy. In the US, the best part of that energy is probably between 12-3 pm Central time.  New Moon days require extra rest and meditation and are often inauspious for starting new things but good to plan for Tuesday.

Aries and Scorpio rising will have to rest more with Mars moving toward the end of the sign of Taurus and getting ready to go into Gemini on Tuesday.  Still some power in the constellation of Orion until mid-May where spiritual questing and fulfillment of desires is happening.  Pesky Saturn and Rahu will emerge later in the month and cause frustration and agitation  and impulsive energy.  Mars benefits from a Jupiter aspect exact into May 5th for competitive power and bravado and gusto.

Have a great week.  Enjoy the simplicity of nature this spring like the young boy in our cover photo.


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