While the astrology has been particularly distressing this year, we are going to get a huge calm after the storm about a  year away.  On Sept. 9, 2020 we have 7 of the 9 planets having dignity with Saturn in Capricorn, Jupiter in Sagittarius, Mars in Aries, Moon exalted in Taurus, Sun in Leo and Mercury exalted in Virgo in Sept. 2020.  Only Venus is afflicted being squared by Mars and the nodes are getting ready to change signs and are a bit on edge.  Still they have dignity in Gemini and Sagittarius and are getting ready to move to more dignity with Rahu in Taurus.   My colleague Steve Stuckey looked back 4500 years and could not find this configuration having happened and it does happen once again Sept  2257.   Also note how the planets are spread out in different signs which constitutes a Vena Yoga which can produce great artists and musician and poets.   If you can time it and want to produce a child sometime in Dec. 2019, you may get an extraordinary being if you can time it right but we are not really in charge of those things. Always some flaw but quite a picture.  Not sure it heralds a new age but those who are caught up in doomsday visions, there is a breath of fresh air for about 3 weeks-4 weeks next year. Moon will also have dignity in Cancer a few days later on Sept. 13-14th  but is moving toward a new moon and is weak.

What is great about it?  Planets with full dignity can manifest their full innate values and when so many of them happen at the same time, there is more grace and support and things flow easily and more powerfully.   Not quite ready for what it means for the world but it will be different for each country and each individual in the way that it will hit your chart.

Sun moves out of Leo on Sept. 17th, 2020 and breaks the configuration but amazing to get so many happy planets with Mercury in Virgo until Sept 22nd, 2020 and Mars is retrograde in Aries until Oct. 3, 2020.

Still we cannot live our live waiting for Godot in the future and have to use these hard times to transform our life and it is the hard times that makes us better and stronger people.  Nice to see such a strong configuration thought to lighten our day!

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