The Fall equinox is late this year coming in at 2:50 am on  Monday,  Sept. 23rd CDT.    The ancient cultures always took time to celebrate during this time and do extra spiritual practice. The planetary energies get a bit weird as they re-balance and the tendency is to try to do too much during the change of seasons and this can lead to sickness.  I have noticed that I decide to get wrapped up in crazy cleaning projects around this time and have more   maniacal energy like a white tornado but then felt a bit bit exhausted and out of balance so go easy.  We are shifting into fall which is moving the outward solar energy of the world which has been toward action toward the quieter inward energy of the autumn and winter which is more inward.  Nature is shutting down her production for the year and we need to honor that.

We will also get the last round of the Kala Sarpa yoga where the solar energy gets to be too intense and that will kick in when the moon goes into Gemini on Sept. 23rd and moves past Rahu and that energy will last for another 2 weeks. We have written about it before but you may get a lot done with the solar energy but you may get blow people away with too much male energy.

As we move into the weekend,  take it easy a few days before and after this time and take extra time for spiritual practice and take time to celebrate by taking in a cultural event and welcome fall and harvest and be grateful or be just “great” and “full.” Avoid work-alcoholism and running around like a rabbit even if you feel a lot of extra energy.

I have noticed that when I have not taken it easy during the equinox and solstices, that I start getting a bit flu like and feel like I am going to get sick. Use this time to get extra rest even if you feel like you have to do 15 projects that were due yesterday.

Enjoy nature.  Fall seems ironically late now with the warmer and wetter temperatures but those fall leaves will come soon.

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Om Tat Sat.

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